Standing Rock wish list. How to send supplies.

Australians are concerned about this situation also. We are in this together.

Fred Klonsky


You can follow my brother Mike’s reports on their trip to the Sacred Stone Standing Rock encampment and protest in North Dakota here.

And if you are in Chicago you can join us at the Daley Center Plaza at 4PM Friday to support the protesters and their call to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Or you can send needed supplies to the encampment.

Surrounded by police and private security guards, over 4,000 people must be housed, fed and kept warm in tents.

A wish list has been set up on Amazon for those wishing to send physical supplies.

Thank you so much for supporting our fight to save the water! You can find a list of other supplies we may need at

You can find the Amazon wish list  here:

1. You can donate items from the Sacred Stone Camp Supply List:
2. Contribute directly to the…

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Some say it’s Spring

The weather across the country has been unusual to say the least – and maybe I’ll leave it at that.  🙂  However, despite it all, my friend’s garden that I work in, is putting on it’s Spring face and on the rare still warm evenings, the perfume is delicious.

When I’ve not been in the garden, I’ve been mostly sorting through my household items, deciding which to keep, which to sell, and which to give away to friends.  It’s been an interesting process, and not as difficult overall as I’d expected. There have been planned and unplanned expenses on the van, and I’m not as advanced in my interior fit-out as I’d have liked, but at least the mechanical side of things is being dealt with.  Next month I’m planning on some little trips away – if the weather settles down that is!

Why do we offer safe fabrics?

Please support those who are providing safer alternatives in a toxic world.


Why do we say we want to change the textile industry?  Why do we say we want to produce fabrics in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable?  What could be so bad about the fabrics we live with?

The textile industry is enormous, and because of its size its impacts are profound.  It uses a lot of three ingredients:

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Energy

Water was not included in the 1947 UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights because at the time it wasn’t perceived as having a human rights dimension. Yet today, corporate interests are controlling water, and what is known as the global water justice movement is working hard to ensure the right to water as a basic human right.(1) Our global supply of fresh water is diminishing – 2/3 of the world’s population is projected to face water scarcity by 2025, according to the UN. Our global water consumption…

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