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Sleeping With The Wrong Dog

So much love and wisdom expressed here.

Relaxed & Forward: AnnaBlakeBlog

Warning: This is not an upbeat rescue story.
It’s a sad story with a sad ending. 
Proceed with caution. Or don’t proceed at all.

I have a habit of writing about the rescue horses and donkeys and dogs that have come through Infinity Farm to be evaluated, fostered, and trained over the years. In a seemingly contrary way, I hope to encourage people to bring rescues into their homes but at the same time debunk romantic notions about rescue. It can be a pretty complicated topic.

Mostly, I think an abused pony or a rescue dog deserve to have their story told as much as equine Olympians and beloved family pets from reputable breeders. I write about rescues because I believe their lives matter.

People remind me that “you can’t save ’em all” but I’ve known that in a profoundly literal way since I shoplifted a dying cat back in…

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Along the track

We’ve been back in the ‘civilised world’ now for a week or so, and finding it a challenge.  However, it’s been good to catch up with friends and such like.  Now the weather has broken again, with rain and cold forecast for the next few days so our plans are still in suspension.

When I can, I’ll bring you up to date with the latest – including a guest post from Fred who has his own story to tell.

Before we came south, we were up north at Beltana station.  I first knew of it back in the 70’s and last was there in the late 80’s.  Things have changed… and tourists are now welcome. 🙂

I felt quite at home out walking in the bush….. more on that later.