It’s always changing

I debated for a while on the title for this post…. “Things come in three’s, no fours”, and other now forgotten amid the disruptions.


This was my quiet(ish) campground. Then at the beginning of the week, I found out there would be disruptions, and I’d need to move….


Men and machines….. putting in a new septic system to the campgrounds……


And it was going to come right down into my area….. two weeks estimated work.

There’s another park run by the same management in this region, so I went off and checked for a suitable place to relocate to while the work was taking place.

I found a semi-suitable spot…. on my own…. except for the regular people walking their dogs around the oval….and while it looks out the other direction onto a paddock, it’s bare of trees, and kangaroos….

Next I discussed it with the manager, and he was happy for me to relocate for such time as I considered necessary.  It’s Friday now, and they’re finished for the week, so I’ll enjoy the weekend here, and move camp on Monday.  Sigh, not happy but grateful I’ve that option.  Looks like Fred and I will be doing walks to our favourite bakery that’s still able to offer takeaways….

It has been a week of several disappointments, but I’m trying to shrug my shoulders and say c’est la vie.




I embrace tiny.  After all, that’s what I am…. 5 foot high…. and I live in a pretty tiny space, my tin can campervan.

Good things come in small parcels 🙂

Jenna’s tiny house is one of the nicest I’ve seen, and I’ve seen plenty on Youtube 🙂

My current ideal, would be to have something like this to live in when I need timeout from travelling, and when weather conditions get extreme.  One of the greatest problems is finding a place to park it.  In my mind, I’d move it about twice a year.  It’s really important for me to have the ability to move my home.  Hence it not being something like a cabin in the woods, or a bush hut.

This is the best trailer I’ve come up with in my research.  It would be the base point. From there, I’d get it built bit by bit using only non-toxic materials.  That’s the dream anyway.  🙂 I’ll hold to the dream, as well as my dream of living in an intentional community.  One day it may come to pass.

There’s some great points raised in this clip.

In the meantime, I continue to make the van as best it can possibly be.  In the New Year, I’ll receive new insulated window coverings, which will be much thicker than my current ones, and will be a huge improvement on comfort summer and winter.

Recently I had the van weighed, and while it’s still legal, we’re on a weight loss program…It will ride over bumps better if I can lighten up some more, as the rear suspension is almost flat and so not much give when it comes to bumps.  Nothing wrong with the suspension that I can improve upon with new gear, so doing what I can to lighten up. Again. It’s an interesting process, working out what I can do without.

One day I’ll do a full blog on the van, but not ready for it yet.  It’s a process.  🙂


A small step for humanity

When the rules don’t fit human needs, then the rules need to change.

I’ve been following this project, and wish them every success.  Let’s hope that it’s a movement that will spread further, as sadly, the need isn’t going to get less in the near future, but greater.  Please support these community projects if they arrive in an area near you.