After the storm

In this drying land, the rain has come, the creek has become a river again. Swollen, muddy, noisy. A strange and different place to that which I had come to know. Now I am seeing a unfamiliar face, hearing a strange voice,  feeling uncertain.  The rocks on which I had sat just days ago, are now submerged, it is only my memory which tells me where they are. The sandy edge where my horse would go to drink is gone, there is no safe place for her to put her hooves. Today. Tomorrow it will have changed. Again.  A lot or a little, but it will have changed. This is the lesson from Nature. Every day is different. A lot or a little, it is never the same. Flow with the change, be flexible, adaptable. Simply accept.

Dipping the toe into water

This morning I was inspired to go down to the creek, remove my boots and socks, and dip my feet into the chilly water until my toes could scrunch the gravel at the bottom. As soon as my skin felt the cold water, I was fully present! It had my full attention! My first impulse was to withdraw, and I did a little, then returned somewhat slower, giving my body a chance to adjust. The color of the skin around my toes changed into a more vibrant tone. It felt gooood!! I sat on a nearby rock, feet in water, enjoying the sensation. Feeling. Being alive to it all, just being there. In the creek, water running, hearing its’ gurgles, listening to the frogs, the birds and the wind through the trees. A peaceful start to the day.

Following my own advice

Just recently I suggested to a friend that a useful tactic was to keep exercising the courage muscle by continuing to do things that are fearful. Note I said ‘fearful’, not dangerous. And so then I realized that what was preventing me from beginning my blog was fear, hence this first post. I’m exercising, or is that exorcising….?

These days I spend most of my time in the natural world. I am more ‘at home’ in the world of plants, animals, rocks than I am with people. In the natural world there is no need for pretense or defense. And this world is teaching me so much that I can then apply to my human world.

But firstly, I need to return to my natural self , and find my soul that was abandoned so long ago. This is the story of the journey. It may help others along the way, as I have been helped, or not. It is not for me to judge.