Where does a goanna go?


It was a warm day out bush, and while walking along a track at Rawnsley Park, I heard a quick rustle off to the side.  Hmmm…… caution…. it could be a snake…..can you see it?


Ah, a young goanna I was pleased to see, just fossicking about in the undergrowth.  We soon established a respectful distance, and I was able to photograph it as it went about it’s business.


More about this creature.  And Here. And if you’re wanting some bush tucker.….here’s how to cook it.

For those who enjoy a song, here’s a fun one to sing along to 🙂


There’s even a delightful children’s book “Anna The Goanna” .

The very first time I ever saw a goanna, was when I was on a working holiday as a teenager, over on Kangaroo Island.  I was riding a horse along the beach, when suddenly the huge lizard appeared from behind some rocks! It was well over a metre in length.  Not sure which of the three of us got the biggest surprise!  Alas, such pursuits are no longer allowed on the Island…..

Since that time I’ve seen many goannas, in a variety of situations, including one climbing a gum tree to rob bird’s nests, and yet it’s the first that is strongest in my memory 🙂



Pure chance

By pure chance I was driving down a side road in a small country town, and to my surprise came across these white kangaroos in a secure compound at the end of a large country garden.  Many decades ago I saw a white kangaroo out bush in a very remote area, but it isn’t a common occurrence.


A word from Fred

Hi folks, I’m happy to have a guest post on my friend’s blog, although really I think the reason is a bit ummm……… er…… well…….. anyway………


It was like this you see.  It was a couple of weeks ago and we were travelling out in the bush, heading north – way north of Port Augusta, back to where my friend had been quite familiar with the area many years ago.  We headed towards Leigh Creek and just before the township turned off the highway onto a bumpy dirt road.  Now things were getting interesting!  And even more so when these big birds came across the road right in front of us – but don’t worry, I scared them away from the van!

The road wound around some really old looking hills.


And then we got to where there was LOTS of water!  Not that I got to see much of it because of this sign –


It’s the last point that did it.  I got told to stay in the van while SHE got to wander around taking photos of the dam.

Now that was really unfair, and to tell the truth, I was a teeny bit angry at being left behind.  So I thought I’d get some revenge………….   Usually I’m really trustworthy with any food left in the van that’s not mine – unless it’s the cats’ food of course.  However….. sometimes a guy has to do what a guy has to do………. So I raided her snacks basket.  Yum!  I found a freshly opened big bar of chocolate!  Dark chocolate!  Boy did it taste great!  In fact, I was so engrossed in it I didn’t hear her return……… but she heard the rustle of the chocolate wrapping and caught me at it.  Damn.  And yes, she was REALLY ANGRY and upset and told me all sorts of things.  Then she used that funny thing she holds up to her ear and started talking to someone.  Getting some advice on me eating the chocolate I think.  She seemed really worried.  And instead of us heading further north, we turned around and went south for a long time – and much faster than we’d usually travel.  Not that I minded going fast, it was good fun!  I think I was a bit hyped up by then…..  and next thing we’d travelled 260 kms in no time at all!

Got to Port Augusta and found a nice animal doctor who patted me lots and weighed me (7kgs) and gave me some tablets.  Bah! Didn’t like them anywhere near as much as the chocolate!  And then I was really really thirsty.  By the time we got to the caravan park in town I could have drunk that dam dry!  So I did drink lots and lots of water…. with the result that I had to keep getting up during the night to pee.   But my friend didn’t seem to mind much – she just said she was glad I seemed ok.  I know she wasn’t happy being in THAT park though and was only there in case we had to visit that nice doctor in the middle of the night.  But she really didn’t need to worry – I’m really fit and strong and a bit of chocolate – well apparently about 100grams – wasn’t going to upset me!


Have to admit, that place did seem a bit like a jail, especially after all the lovely bush we’d been staying in.

Now my friend won’t keep any chocolate at all.  Zilch.  Zero.  None.  Not any. At all.  Ever.

So that’s my story.  The end.  For now……