Pure chance

By pure chance I was driving down a side road in a small country town, and to my surprise came across these white kangaroos in a secure compound at the end of a large country garden.  Many decades ago I saw a white kangaroo out bush in a very remote area, but it isn’t a common occurrence.



A word from Fred

Hi folks, I’m happy to have a guest post on my friend’s blog, although really I think the reason is a bit ummm……… er…… well…….. anyway………


It was like this you see.  It was a couple of weeks ago and we were travelling out in the bush, heading north – way north of Port Augusta, back to where my friend had been quite familiar with the area many years ago.  We headed towards Leigh Creek and just before the township turned off the highway onto a bumpy dirt road.  Now things were getting interesting!  And even more so when these big birds came across the road right in front of us – but don’t worry, I scared them away from the van!

The road wound around some really old looking hills.


And then we got to where there was LOTS of water!  Not that I got to see much of it because of this sign –


It’s the last point that did it.  I got told to stay in the van while SHE got to wander around taking photos of the dam.

Now that was really unfair, and to tell the truth, I was a teeny bit angry at being left behind.  So I thought I’d get some revenge………….   Usually I’m really trustworthy with any food left in the van that’s not mine – unless it’s the cats’ food of course.  However….. sometimes a guy has to do what a guy has to do………. So I raided her snacks basket.  Yum!  I found a freshly opened big bar of chocolate!  Dark chocolate!  Boy did it taste great!  In fact, I was so engrossed in it I didn’t hear her return……… but she heard the rustle of the chocolate wrapping and caught me at it.  Damn.  And yes, she was REALLY ANGRY and upset and told me all sorts of things.  Then she used that funny thing she holds up to her ear and started talking to someone.  Getting some advice on me eating the chocolate I think.  She seemed really worried.  And instead of us heading further north, we turned around and went south for a long time – and much faster than we’d usually travel.  Not that I minded going fast, it was good fun!  I think I was a bit hyped up by then…..  and next thing we’d travelled 260 kms in no time at all!

Got to Port Augusta and found a nice animal doctor who patted me lots and weighed me (7kgs) and gave me some tablets.  Bah! Didn’t like them anywhere near as much as the chocolate!  And then I was really really thirsty.  By the time we got to the caravan park in town I could have drunk that dam dry!  So I did drink lots and lots of water…. with the result that I had to keep getting up during the night to pee.   But my friend didn’t seem to mind much – she just said she was glad I seemed ok.  I know she wasn’t happy being in THAT park though and was only there in case we had to visit that nice doctor in the middle of the night.  But she really didn’t need to worry – I’m really fit and strong and a bit of chocolate – well apparently about 100grams – wasn’t going to upset me!


Have to admit, that place did seem a bit like a jail, especially after all the lovely bush we’d been staying in.

Now my friend won’t keep any chocolate at all.  Zilch.  Zero.  None.  Not any. At all.  Ever.

So that’s my story.  The end.  For now……


The time has come….

The Walrus and the Carpenter is a ‘non-sense poem’ by Lewis Carroll.  Somehow it seems appropriate to begin with it…..

Regular readers of this blog would have noticed that I’ve not been as regular in my postings this year.  Now it’s time to explain the situation. Or at least try to…..

When I moved to my current place in February of this year, it was to a small cottage on a dairy farm run at much less than capacity.  Some would say neglected.  I was happy with that state. My lease is with the Corporation who owns the property, and not with the manager of the dairy farm.  Shortly after moving here, I found out that all was not happy between those two parties, and weeks later, it came to light that a new manager was being sought.  Around the same time, a spokesperson for the Corporation, knocked on my door, and informed me that my lease would not be renewed as the new manager would require the cottage for a farm worker.  Yes I had a 12 month lease, but had hoped to stay put for a while longer than that, after all the changes I’ve endured recently.  It was most upsetting.  It also gave rise to a change in thinking about how and where I live, to avoid this all too familiar scenario as a renter.  (By the by, I’ve always had great references from any landlord so no faults found there)

Eventually I was able to discuss the matter with the Agent handling the lease, and was assured the visit I’d received was out of line, and she’d be dealing with it and not to be too concerned.  My fears were slightly reduced but I kept on doing some research just in case.

The new manager duly arrived, and he and his family are friendly and definitely caring of their livestock.  Not only dairy cows, but horses and most recently pigs! 🙂 And he didn’t require me to move out.


Fred meets miss piggie

However……  in the process of bringing the property up to scratch, last week he brought in the contractor to spray the weeds.  Hmm…..  it’s now confession time to you about me.

Back in 2005 I was diagnosed with ME/CFS.  Later on I realised I also had linked MCS.

At the time I was self-employed as a gardener, and needless to say, I had to eventually give that up and accept a disability pension.  I won’t go into all the details, other than to say it completely changed my life.  Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars in my search for wellness, or at least, some painfree days.  To that end, I have been reasonably successful, and can now at least live semi normally some of the time.  With care.

It then followed, I needed to move close to the coast in order to get air that was less polluted with chemicals.  On a limited budget I did the best I could, always weighing up the physical benefits with the social/psychological  aspects.  Four years later or so, here I am, once again faced with chemical onslaught.  This past week I had to evacuate from my home at short notice.  Luckily I had a friend in the region to stay with.  Once a day I’ve come back to look after the cats who have been shut inside the cottage, as I felt it less disruptive for them that way, while my dog is with me.  Due to wintry weather, the spraying has been disrupted, and not all of it has been completed.  The spray unit is parked within smelling distance of my place despite my request it be moved further away.  So even though the air coming off the paddocks are now less unsafe for me, I still cannot walk around outside without concerns of contamination.  Even with a face mask.  Sadly, it’s not going to be  one-off event, and so my time here is now limited.  I shall be applying to have my lease cancelled without penalty once I’ve set-up my next step.  Which will be life on the road.  I cannot face this constant search for a safe home any longer, so I’ll be a tortoise and take my home with me.  (On a side note, I have Moon in my Fourth House, and according to some, it has the effect of this constant shifting of where I live, so now I’ll just give in to it and stop fighting the inevitable.  My whole life has been one of shifting…..and not generally of my choosing.)

What I’d like to purchase is something like this little bus.  The reality of my finances depleted by the costs of previous moves, is more like this, which I’d have to refit to my requirements – no toxic materials in the interior.  Squeezing the two cats and dog and myself into it will need some very creative thinking 🙂  By the way, I do have two tents, one very good, from my camping days, and equipment, so that’s always a fallback scenario.

Meanwhile, I’m taking it one day at a time.  Today, I’m able to be inside my home longer than previously, but won’t take the chance of sleeping here – not while the spray unit is in sight.  For some years now, I’ve been calling myself an Environmental Refugee, even though it doesn’t yet fit with the current definitions – but given the massive market in extremely harmfull chemicals, more people are finding themselves in a similar situation and speaking up about it.  One active group in raising awareness is March Against Monsanto.

So there, in a rather large nutshell, is the situation.  I’ll just have to keep looking forward and trust…….


Looking forward