Killing machines

It’s that time of the year again, when killing machines are on the prowl……


Next month the oval I’m parked next to will be getting poisoned with  a herbicide to kill broadleaf plants growing there.  Trying to find further information on the product selected isn’t easy.  Sure, plenty of manufacturers information, but no comprehensive independent information is easily found.

Bow and Arrow– gotta love the names chosen for these products – NOT!

Active ingredients.   

That list makes sense to an agricultural chemist, perhaps, but not to me.  Don’t get it in your eyes though, or there could be long term damage.

Mind you I shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of information.  Agrichemical companies are a law unto themselves.  Plus BigPharma.  Often one and the same.  How do you feel about the company supplying you with medication, also supplying farmers with toxic chemicals?

Needless to say, I’ll be leaving that area for a time.  For the sake of my health, and for my animals also.  Hopefully the kangaroos who come to graze there won’t be affected, nor the local magpies who eat the grubs that live in the soil there.  But who really cares?



One should pay attention to even the smallest crawling creature for these too may have a valuable lesson to teach us.
Black Elk

On our first walk in the new location, early one morning, we came across this insect crossing the road. Fred was interested in it also.  Wish I knew what they said to each other.

Today was sunny mostly, and so I was able to have sufficient spare power from the solar panels, to run the computer and download some photos .

We’ve been taking it quietly most of the time, although Fred has made friends with a dog who lives here also.  Brody plays with a frisbee and today Fred decided he’d learn to play with it.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks!  Sorry, didn’t have the camera with me, but will try to get some next time.  He was so proud of his new trick!


A little ray of sunlight….

While there’s been lots of doom and gloom recently concerning a certain ‘thing’ spreading across the world, I have seen something on the news that makes me happy.

There’s a shortage of farm chemicals.  Given that I’m profoundly ill-affected by the toxic farm chemicals that are currently being used widely across Australia, despite the known carcinogens in them, it makes me quite happy.  Perhaps I won’t have to evacuate so many times this autumn/spring due to the toxic air in the countryside.

Perhaps farmers will start to wake up and begin to use other methods to farm with!

Councils have begun trialing other methods.

It all begins at home too, so thanks Moms Across America.

Let’s all think of the well being for the children.  


Fishy Business

And there’s this from last year :

Advocates for the Gippsland Lakes said the mass fish deaths were just another indicator of long-term mismanagement of the waterways, while a scientist said the impact of the drought was to blame for the decline in water quality.”

To this more recently:

Council is aware of a fish kill event at Walkers Lake in Avon Plains involving redfin and some golden and silver perch.”