I’m forever blowing bubbles…..

This is the song that popped into my mind when I saw what the fly was doing, while it was perched on a flower in my garden.  Then I thought of Dean Martin singing it…..

Capturing an image like this is a dream come true for me.  I’ve only had my macro lens a short time, and am still learning all it’s foibles as it is learning mine…. so I felt extremely lucky to get this shot.

It is said by one of the great photographers, that if you can get a handful of great images each year, you are doing well.  Somehow I think this is probably my allowance for the year…..yet that won’t stop me from trying to repeat it, from trying to get another special moment in time captured forever.  It’s just that the bar has been raised:-)

Up close and personal

I’ve recently added a macro lens to my equipment, and despite having  quite a steep learning curve in getting comfortable with it, I’m loving it.  I  believe in life-long learning, and this is a great path for me to follow,  as I see the detail in insects that I’d be blind to otherwise.  Some insects I can barely see with the naked eye, and now I can see their beautiful designs and colours!  Nature is so very clever.  I’m even beginning to like flies – providing they are outside and not biting me or my horse!

Street photography

Prompted by Timo’s latest image, I thought I’d show my version of it……

I don’t have easy access to people and places interesting enough generally…   I am surrounded by nature and that’s my choice, although there are times when I’d like to experiment with doing street photography.

This bearded dragon lizard was the sole activity in my nearest little town – about 100 population – when I drove through it yesterday.  It was sitting in the middle of the bitumen road, soaking up the warmth of the road, and didn’t run away when I stopped.  I took this shot from the car as usually once I step away from the vehicle wildlife recognise me then as human and run away.  Sadly, most wildlife have come to be wary of humans….but then again…so have I…