A vibrant morning

Awake pre-dawn, listening to rain softly dripping near my window. A beautiful sound. Outside, the ground was just damp and smelling wonderful. Later, as the sun came up, I walked outside again and was struck by the quiet vibrancy. The previous day had been very windy, now all was still, and fresh. That’s what it was, it was freshened by the rain. Oh what a difference even a little makes. Not enough to register in the rain gauge, but enough to bring a zing to the air.

A morning like that could not be wasted, so away to the hills astride the horse. There’s the fox who lives out there, just trotting across the paddocks, until its sees me, and breaks into a run for home. The kangaroos, surprised from their grazing, quietly hop away. Off in the distance a magpie is singing to the day. A willy-wag-tail bounces about for insects. A fresh new day gently unfolds, and I am there to see it.

An hour later, it was back to an ordinary morning again. How thankful I was to have experienced the early magic of it. Too many times it is easy to get caught up with what we think needs to be done. I’ve missed too many magic moments because of this attitude, but I’m learning better ways now. This day, I will remember.


Courage: also known as bravery, will and fortitude, is the ability to confront fear, pain, risk/danger, uncertainty, or intimidation. (Wikipedia)
You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do.

(Eleanor Roosevelt)

Courage is when one follows the heart despite what the head is saying. It is like a muscle one builds up by regular use. It’s not necessarily the marathon which builds it up, as the small steps which takes one into new territory.

Today I wish to acknowledge the courage of a friend, who spent a week with me, taking those steps. A country lifestyle is a very different experience for some-one who has barely been out of the city. Even turning on a tap for water can be different! Then there are the myriad of insects, reptiles, birds and animals, which seem wild and unpredictable if you’ve never seen them before. Walking with a horse is commonplace for me, but a challenge to those not accustomed to a large animal walking alongside. Add to that, walking in the dark, without a torch, just using the moonlight, in an unfamiliar land. That takes courage! To go walking in the bush, with no paths, no signs, to be willing to lead the way despite the fears – again, courage.

My own experience has been that when I tackle on the physical plane, something that scares me, I am better able to tackle something on the emotional/mental plane that needs examining. I may need to spend some time wrestling with it, and courage is what I call upon then. This is an example of a different way of using courage, that is not so obvious to others.

So to the Jewel, I say thank you, for allowing me to witness your courage and growth. It has been a privilege to walk this part of the journey with you.


Recently, I have been thinking about what it means to be healed, and how does that apply to me. So today, for some further clarification, I went to Wikipedia, which said, in effect, to be healed is to be restored to good working order. Now it doesn’t say that directly, I found it via repair and mend, but there it is. Now looking at that, it changes my view on healing. Before, I was thinking about it more in terms of perhaps a renewal, a return to a previous state. And that seemed almost unreachable. Impossible. Thinking about healing as a return to good working order seems much more attainable. Possible.

Interesting how simply changing the perspective, by coming to something from a different angle, can open up a whole new view.

When my horse is curious about a new object in her vision, she will usually approach it from several different angles to get a good view of it before deciding whether it is good or bad. Dogs will circle an object before taking action, as do cats. I need to remember this more often and apply it to my own actions. Examine from all possible angles first. I just may see the bigger picture.