I’m forever blowing bubbles…..

This is the song that popped into my mind when I saw what the fly was doing, while it was perched on a flower in my garden.  Then I thought of Dean Martin singing it…..

Capturing an image like this is a dream come true for me.  I’ve only had my macro lens a short time, and am still learning all it’s foibles as it is learning mine…. so I felt extremely lucky to get this shot.

It is said by one of the great photographers, that if you can get a handful of great images each year, you are doing well.  Somehow I think this is probably my allowance for the year…..yet that won’t stop me from trying to repeat it, from trying to get another special moment in time captured forever.  It’s just that the bar has been raised:-)


14 thoughts on “I’m forever blowing bubbles…..

  1. WOW,WOW,WOW!!!!

    I have just started looking at blogs again (including my own)..

    and I saw this amazing shot!!!!!!

    How good are you?!!

    • Hi Jackie, and thanks for your lovely comment. I still say I was lucky to get this shot! But the more I watch the insect life through a macro lens, the more extra-ordinary things I see and sometimes capture. I wish your friend great enjoyment with his new lens.

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