Amelia Hill – EHS and MCS

An inspiring story. It’s way past time for the medical profession to stop denying EHS and MCS and to respond appropriately to people in this situation. We’re the Canaries who try to warn the rest of the population of the dangers of the chemicals in the environment and the effects of the massive amounts of electromagnetic smog out there.

Stop Smart Meters Australia

Amelia Hill, former feature writer for national magazines such as House & Garden and Real Living Magazine, is allergic to the 21st century and is virtually living inside a bubble in her parents’ home.  Amelia not only suffers from electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), but also multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS).  These two sensitivities often go hand in hand, giving the sufferer a double whammy.  The sufferer is left unable to cope with not only electromagnetic radiation, but also various chemicals which may be present in items such as a toothpaste, clothing and vehicle exhaust fumes.  Symptoms of EHS often appear at a different time to MCS.

Amelia’s story:

Despite people like Amelia suffering from EHS, power distributors and the Victorian Government continue to claim that people do not suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity – it is merely a figment of the imagination!

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Reading and Writing and Waiting.

A gold star for attitude!

Anna Blake: The Print Version.

007 (640x435)In a counter-intuitive way, it’s a huge accomplishment to get my first rejection letter today. It means at least someone saw one of the submissions. Yay, me! In the meantime, I’m writing.

I get hooked by books, and by that I mean, jerked out of the water like a slimy big mouth bass with my fins and tail twitching, and my mouth opening  to breathe in air, when I’m used to water. I love a fish-out-of-water book that hooks me deep. With each new read, I hope it happens again.

It’ a challenge to cross the line from reading to writing. Some authors have such skill and vision that I worry I might defile them somehow when I scribble down an idea or sit at the keyboard. But still I take my seat, intimidated by an unwieldy combination of insecurity and hubris, grasping for the first words. Yes, the same…

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Senate inquiry into the performance and management of electricity network companies

Spreading the message.

Stop Smart Meters Australia

The Senate Standing Committee on Environment and Communications has commenced publishing the submissions which it received on the performance and management of electricity network companies. The committee is due to report on this matter by the first sitting day in March.

Senate Inquiry webpage

SSMA’s submission is Number 52

To read this submission and other SSMA submissions go to oursubmissions page.

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Mr. Merriwether’s morning melodies

Mr. Merriwether is becoming quite a character, and most certainly doesn’t consider he’s one of those woolly things out in the neighbour’s paddocks. He’s quite right too!
He does get very frisky and loves to show off at times, such as when we took an early morning walk earlier this month, and galloped about in great excess – perhaps he’s in training for a special event……