Being square is hip!

Frank and Pixel show that being ‘square’ doesn’t mean not having personality, and also, that sometimes cropping images into the square format can work really well.  Well…… we think so anyway 🙂

Just click on the first image and then scroll through. Pixel of course, has to have the final say!


5 thoughts on “Being square is hip!

  1. I think so, too. I’ve used the square format occasionally, although usually for a single object. Now that I think about it — you have some “single objects” here. They’re very attractive, too, especially that one in the lower right.

    • She’s such a princess isn’t she! Yesterday while I was in Beachport, I noticed a cat sitting on the bonnet of the car parked near the visitors information centre. A dark speckled tortie. Owner was resting in the car, cat was on lead mooching about…. I was tempted to go say hello, but didn’t want to disturb the peaceful scene. Fred was disappointed not to visit.
      Many years ago, I spent months travelling about living in a tent – with a dog and a cat and boyfriend as companions. Then we rescued another dog along the way…. I remember walking down the main street of an outback town with the mob on leads… and the cat peering into the shop windows at every opportunity. She was quite a character. No, not a tortie, but a white cat who played with water – in the mud!

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