Up-date on Artists supporting Wild-life Appeal

The artists from Redbubble are continuing to have a wonderful array of artwork for sale, with profits from all sales being donated to WRAP , Wildlife Rescue and Protection Inc who are assisting animals affected by the Victorian Bushfires in particular.  An opportunity to assist this volunteer organisation by purchasing artwork has received a boost this week, with Redbubble offering free delivery for a limited time.  This finishes on Sunday March 22 – 23.59pm AEST.  Please take a look at the Website, and make a selection from there, knowing that in addition to bringing beauty into your home, you are assisting those who have suffered and need your help.  Thank you.

Fantastic Frank’s Fabulous Flying Feats

094-5Once again, my animals have given me a lesson on trust. Frank was my teacher this time. This morning I thought it only fair that Frank should have his share of the limelight, as Mick and Fred have been getting a lot of attention lately, while Frank has missed out. So while down at the river, which thankfully has water in it again, I took Frank under my arm and carried him into the river to some rocks where he could sit. At first he was quite unsure about going across the water, but settled when I assured him he’d be safe. He sat on the rock for a short time, then made his way across to the large rock, which is where he sprang from to reach the solid ground. It was a space of about 1 1/2 metres, quite a leap from a standstill for a large cat such as Frank. But he made a beautiful parabola and landed softly and easily. Now I needed to get into position to take the photo of the leap, and didn’t quite get there for the first image, and needed to adjust camera settings also. So I took Frank back across for a repeat performance. He obliged, and was more relaxed about it. Still not satisfied with my performance with the camera, I wanted another try. Frank felt I was asking a bit much, but humoured me, and waited until I got into position before he did his ‘routine’. Then he took himself to another area, in effect, telling me it was enough. Fair enough, I thought, he’d been extremely obliging after all. I stayed in the water, and had fun with Fred, and then Mick for a while. But when Mick decided to go exploring further downstream, and I called to him, Frank responded and jumped onto the big rock in the river, doing a reversal of his earlier jumps. He made his way via the rocks above the water to be close to my side – how’s that for devotion! So then we had a couple more sessions of the ‘leap’ before deciding I had sufficient shots. Frank showed me his trust in me to keep him safe, and he also gained trust of his own capability in an unfamiliar environment i.e. water. He had a grin all over his face and relished in the praise I heaped on him. Hard to believe that this is the same cat that was living wild when we first met, and that it took nearly two years for him to trust me to touch him. Another 18 months down the track and here we are. Frank is my hero, I love him greatly.