The Ocean


“Individually, we are drop.  Together we are an ocean.”

Ryunosuke Satoro



Hello again

It feels ages since I last wrote, as I’ve been places, met people and animals, and had much to think about and muse upon.

I’ve taken heaps of photos, but sometimes days go by before I’m able to download and look at them.  Sometimes it’s because there’s been so much activity,  that I run out of time and energy, and other times it’s lack of power for the equipment.  However, I’m camped with a powered site tonight, and so I’ll begin to catch up a little.

After the showjumping at Mt. Pleasant, I headed down south, taking a long route through the Adelaide Hills, looking at places I was familiar with a long time ago.  It’s lost its charm for me now, as it’s increased in population and road traffic.  I was glad to finally escape from it all. We did a short camp near Langhorne Creek, then took a detour next day to Milang just cos we could.  🙂


Next stop was lunch at Meningie, on the Lake Albert.  Part of the Coorong.

These are the words of one of the Traditional Elders of the area.


Pelicans abound in the area. Wonderful wonderful birds 🙂

At Kingston SE I was able to catch up with a friend of mine.  While there, Fred and I managed to get in a paddle on the beach. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


A couple of days later, we headed back north again, this time at a more leisurely pace, stopping off firstly at The Granites.  This is a place we’ll return to more often, now I know what it’s like!  Amazing place.


Camp that night was beside the Lake Albert at Meningie.  A pleasant caravan park.




That evening I met again a couple I’d spoken to briefly at the Granites, and we ended up sharing a bottle of wine and stories.  They were from USA, and really enjoying their visit to Oz.  Nice nice folk.  Meeting and making connections, no matter how brief, is why I travel.

Even Fred made a connection, of sorts, with the ‘dog’ at the caravan park entrance.


Then I was back to Mt. Pleasant, where I got more and more of my horsey fix!  More on that next time 🙂


Taking the rough with the smooth


Sometimes in life, you have to take the rough with the smooth.

I took these images last month on Australia Day.  It was a day that didn’t begin well…… the power supply failed in the early hours of the morning… and the expectation was it wouldn’t be restored until at least 8pm that night.  Temperatures even early in the morning were quite high and by midday it was very sticky.  The mobile phone service was also disrupted, as were land lines and only some people were able to receive text message updates on the situation.  The cause of the outage was a bushfire several kilometers from town, and while a temporary power station was being erected it would take time before it was operational.

I had just stocked my house fridge up with meat for the animals, and didn’t want to lose it, so I loaded it into the van fridge, but as the temps were high, I needed to drive the van with the airconditioning on so it was cool enough for the fridge to operate.  So Fred and I putt-putted down the road, heading for Warren gorge, where at least there were large trees for shade.  Mind you, it’s dangerous to park close to gum trees on very hot days, as they can suddenly drop a large limb.  The first warning is a large crack sound and then a split second later, whoosh!  as the limb falls downward, taking anything in its path with it.  So we needed to be careful.

It was a slow trip to the Gorge, but fortunately there was little other traffic so I wasn’t causing anyone inconvenience by driving so slowly…….. it was a matter of getting the van as cool as possible before parking.

We found a suitable spot, and settled down for a while after opening all windows and doors to allow some air to circulate.  There were some kangaroos sheltering in the shade of a large bush nearby, and only one of them decided to make the effort to go elsewhere. It was simply too much effort for the others…… I read some poetry… snoozed a little…. took Fred for a very short walk,  nibbled on supplies, and then the warning beep on the van fridge informed me conditions were too hot and I needed to move on again.

So the images on this page, are the result of a day quietly putt-putting about the back roads of Quorn, including exploring a road I hadn’t taken before, with the bonus of meeting a mob of very friendly and well-mannered ponies and horses.

By the time we arrived back home, the worst of the heat had receded and a while after  the power resumed, and all was well with the world.  Especially good news was that the bushfire had been controlled.

It was certainly a day that tested my resources, but  I comforted myself with,  “this too shall pass” 🙂

I was looked with admiration at Valerie Jardin’s blog today and the wintry conditions she’s dealing with, and yet managing to take absolutely gorgeous images!


Earlier this month, I had a friend from the South East of SA visit for a few days, and as it was his first trip to the Flinders region, I tried to show him some of the sights within a day trip time frame.  One of the places we visited was Warren Gorge, not far from Quorn township, and with a sealed road all the way, which is a bonus.  It turned out to be the highlight of his visit, even though we didn’t go for a long hike – more like a quiet stroll….

Chattering around us, were the Apostlebirds. Struthidea cinerea. They basically ignored us humans, as they got on with their task of foraging on the ground.



They are omnivorous and live in an extended family unit which often numbers 12, hence their common name.

While I did have a long lens on the camera, they ended up only a couple of feet away from me.

Earlier this week, as I was walking down the street in town, I heard their distinctive chatter, and sure enough, there was a mob visiting the Jacaranda trees growing along the roadside.  I don’t think they stayed for long though…..probably headed off to the nearby native scrub which would have more tucker to their liking.

On Friday Fred and I took a trip out to the Gorge, in our search for some relief from the extreme heat, and a power outage due to a bushfire.  There was no sign of the birds then – most likely they were like the local kangaroos, taking refuge in the shade offered by the bushes.   Fortunately the bushfire was contained after a few hours, and the power restored a few hours after that, so a night’s sleep was possible with airconditioning on.

All these days of temperatures over 45 C are getting slightly tedious……but it’s summer and to be expected in this region.  Soon we’ll be heading off for a while to cooler regions.

Only then will your house be blessed



Harry Manx – Let your house be blessed

Let it go, Let it go, Well well, let it go go go
Let your sword of vengeance rest
Oh, do the, do the blind lead the blind?
Well well don’t be cruel to be kind
Only then, will your house be blessed

Yeah, offer prayer, offer prayer well well
Offer sweet prayer, yeah now,
To your uninvited guest
Oh, won’t you, give ’em the right,
Yeah yeah, to be welcome, through the night
Only then, will your house be blessed

Yeah, turn your cheek, turn your cheek
Well, turn your other cheek
May your mercy manifest
Oh, when the hawk and the dove
Flying circles ’round your love,
Only then, will your house be blessed

Oh, let it go, let it go, well well, let it go go go
Let your sword of vengeance rest
Oh, do the, do the blind lead the blind?
Yeah yeah don’t be cruel to be kind
Only then, will your house, whoa, be blessed
Na na na ha