The Eye of the Beholder

I was visiting a small country town, which is mostly known for its railway history.  Yes, that was good, as you know I’m keen on old trains, and I’ll show a bit of that another time.  However, when I asked about other things to see while in town, I was told there wasn’t much else… I did a bit of my own wandering…

On the way to the town’s lookout, I came across a garden filled with wonderful huge cacti plants, so well suited to this rather arid environment.  Cacti have such a sculptural quality about them, that from a purely photographic perspective they make a great subject.  Added to that, I have always had a special place in my heart for cacti and succulents, so of course I spent some time wandering up and down the footpath admiring them and photographing those within reach.

Next time I’m back in that little town, I’ll mention to the local woman, that there’s something else in town that visitors make like to see 🙂


Update on Fred

Yesterday Fred had the stitches removed that were holding his eye shut, to allow healing to occur to his damaged eye.  I held my breath while the vet inspected the eye…..

The eye is healing, but not in the usual manner, and he’s not quite satisfied, so we’re staying around a bit longer for periodic checks.  Tomorrow Fred gets to have his stiff collar removed, for which we’re both going to be overjoyed.