I’m finding it simply not possible to catch up at present…. but here’s an assortment of pics taken over the past three weeks.  From local to far away and back to local again.


I Dream of a Different World


by Ethel Mortenson Davis

I dream of
a different world:

one where I can*
take refuge,

where you and I
will be sisters,

where the First Peoples
are striding along
with the Second peoples,
learning from each other,

where they are no longer refugees
in their own land,

where freed slaves
are helped to build
new lives with the colonists,
no longer refugees
in this new land.

I dream of
a different world:

where no one is heard
shouting from a window,

“Go back to where you came from.”

* The first two stanzas are a quote from Ariel Dorfman, a refuge.

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Just fooling around


Lately I’ve been in a different mental space, and haven’t been able to settle down enough to put together the posts that are spinning around in my head.  Maybe it’s the chasing of trains…. but that’s more or less stopped for the time being.

I’m able to spend more time at the local library, using their Wifi, and have been watching lots of Youtubes on a variety of subjects, but mostly on Van life and fitouts.

The interior of the van has been slightly modified, with things repositioned where possible, and some ‘interior decorating’ taking place.  After all, it’s my main home and I want it to reflect the person I’m becoming 🙂  It’s a work in progress…. both the van and me…

In due course, I’m considering going more public with pictures of the van, and getting the animals on their own Instagram account 🙂  We’ll see…. but there’s some ideas floating around.

As to the above image, it’s of an Eremophila flower I photographed a couple of weeks ago, and played with during the editing process.  I believe in the ‘what if’ process, as I think that can open up avenues of exploration.  Let’s see where this goes…..

No, Fred is NOT for sale!  But his postcard continues to be a popular product 🙂



We’re back!

Two weeks tomorrow ago, we arrived back in Quorn, in the Flinders Ranges.  I tell people it’s a boomerang town for me, as I simply keep coming back 🙂

I was here for three months during the summer, in a house where we could take shelter from the heat.  Then we were off for a couple months, touring various places in South Australia and Victoria.  It felt good to be on the road again.  It felt good to visit the coast.  It feels good to be back in my beloved Ranges again.

This time we’re in a different house, one offered to us by friends whose work has taken them elsewhere.  Even though it’s still in the throes of renovation, resulting in some inconveniences, it suits us nicely.  There’s a better outlook, and I don’t – so far – feel the cabin fever I experienced during the summer.  Basically, it’s a base point for now, as I’ll still be roaming about as weather permits.  It’s nice to know I’ll have a warm fire to return to when the season finally changes down the track.  Last winter living in the van was tough….. ice on the windscreen more mornings than I could count, with it barely any warmer inside the van.  And my body doesn’t do cold well, never has.  So we’ll see how it goes this time.  Just having an option helps.

In the short term, I still have hopes of adapting the current van better to suit my (our) requirements.  Longer term, would love to acquire a slightly larger vehicle, better suited to our needs.  Fairy godmother please 🙂

Quorn is the home of the Pichi Richi railway.  Last week I took time out from setting up a new home, to go chasing trains.  This coming week I’ll probably do it again, as there are extra services running to cater for the current school holidays.  Oh I do love trains!


And as I mentioned a boomerang earlier, here’s a little humour for you to sing along with.  Politically incorrect – yes!