Horsing around

I’ve been busy, so sorry about getting behind with my posts.  Hopefully will catch up soon.

Went to a heavy horse show at the beginning of this month, and got some lively shots of working horses and also of other old trades/crafts.

Best of all, found a gypsy cob and cart!  More on this later.



Deep Lake

We spent an afternoon and a morning at Deep Lake, in Victoria.  It was lovely and peaceful, as we had the place to ourselves.  It did rain though, and it was a bit muddy, so we moved on elsewhere, but it’s a place we often return to when in the area.

I once asked a local fisherman, how deep the lake was.  Umm…. about a metre deep…. which isn’t deep in my view, however, it’s apparently deep compared to another nearby lake 🙂

And now for something different….

I grew up with chickens….. let me rephrase that, in a suburban block, my father kept chickens in the backyard.  He called them ‘his girls’, and took great care of them.  I loved them, and had a particular pet one which I called ‘Queenie’.  At times, I’ve had my own chickens, and they are part of my history.  I also seek out conversations with chickens as I travel about the countryside.

Recently I took a turn off the main street in a small country town, just because, and lo and behold, I came across these wonderful birds.

I spent several minutes talking to the ‘chooks’ as we call them Downunder 🙂

Looking for some music, I came across this piece, and while it’s not my usual type of music, I found a great deal of humour in it – hopefully you will also!