Missive from Andalusia IV

It’s good news week!

Bryan Hemming

Photo of Conil countryside in sumer by Bryan Hemming

By the evening of the fourteenth day of home confinement I became mindful of an unfamiliar feeling of peace. It was strange. Heightened by a renewed sense of being, my awareness of the world around me had increased. I felt reawakened.

Beyond the living room window small birds had been happily pecking the day away, all the more chirpy at no walkers to disturb them. And I was happy for them. At the fall of night stars shone brighter from pitch black skies and I felt all the brighter for it. A childlike sense of joy enveloped me in its warmth. Angelica and I were smiling and laughing more. Despite being made starkly aware of the ephemeral fragility of life itself, or maybe because of it, the underlining sense of anxiety that had haunted us over the first ten days had…

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No Time Left for Silence

Beautifully and passionately written, to stir us all into action.

Another song, Another mile...

1910_AZ18_205The following was written for Alt NPS on March 10, 2020…

-It all seemed absurd. From expanding the wall along our southern border, to claims that Mexico would pay for it, even the idea of Trump being elected to begin with. In early 2016, this was all easily dismissible, and the rhetoric seemed little more than chest thumping and thinly veiled xenophobic pandering. Things got real, however, after that fateful election. It became clear that fear mongering would be a key policy driver, and the border wall an obsession of this administration and a rallying cry for its base. Amidst endless immigration related grievances, ranging from how the wall would truly be funded to purely evil acts of separating families and caging children, rumblings also began to sound on behalf of our natural world. Serious questions emerged. How might a wall impede wildlife behavior? How would it be built across…

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What a difference a day makes

Thank you my friends for all your good thoughts and wishes, and tonight I rest easy in a little Eden. That’s actually truly part of the name of the place😀

I’ve got a legal place to stay in a type of caravan park, but there’s heaps of space around us and the cats are relaxed. We look out onto a gum studded paddock, and on dusk the kangaroos came hopping down across the hill. Yes, some small traffic noise, but I’m exceedingly grateful for this place. I know the manager from another place in the area he manages, and he’s a really decent bloke.

My friends about an hour away are also preparing a place for me should the need arise. Glad to put the stressful days away, including last night when I stayed in my day clothes in case we got moved on by the police. It didn’t happen thankfully.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the computer out and post some photos of recent times.

Stay safe and thanks again.☺

Hi friends

It’s a challenging time trying to find a place to be, as this lockdown happens. No camping anywhere. Doing our best have backup plan, taking it moment to moment. Don’t worry but don’t expect much update as internet may not be available where I go.

Much love and peace to you all and thanks for being with us on this journey.

Bless you all and take care, Annie xx