Meeting the neighbours

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We’re getting out across the farm more now that I’ve found out the bulls have been removed from the property, and the new stock are very curious and slowly getting to know us.  Moooo 🙂


And now it is winter…..

In case you were wondering, I’m doing ok, just taking life a lot slower these days, after a hectic…. um… two years actually!  And I feel it’s just a respite, so I’ve been making the most of it.  The future looks unsettled…. but more on that another time.

It’s winter, and so far there have been gales, fog, frosts, rain, and this weekend snow could fall in the mountains.  As you can imagine, I’m very grateful for a small cottage that is quite cozy especially if there’s some sun about to stream in the sitting room windows.

For now, please enjoy shots of Fred and the cats Frank and Pixel, and the various calves on the property. It is so very very nice to be able to walk out again with my furry friends and not have to worry about traffic – and at this time of year, the snakes are less likely to be active. 🙂

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Yes, it’s now just over two months since I moved onto the dairy property near to Port Fairy, and I can’t believe how the time has flown.  Many times I’ve had to change my plans to stay home and relax as one thing after another has landed on my lap, leading me away.  Finally though, I’m settling into some sort of a routine.

Each morning Fred and I walk up my driveway to the top of the hill, and beyond to the grid at the main road, and then back again.  It takes about 15 mins of brisk walking.  The cats usually come only part of the way, and rejoin Fred and I as we return.  I collect kindling for the cottage from the gum trees on the side of the drive to build up a supply for the coming winter.  So far, I’ve only had one fire, more to check that all was working properly as much as anything.  I get plenty of sunlight into the cottage during the day from the northern windows and that’s a real bonus of this place.

Earlier this month my piano finally had its tuning and now everything is working smoothly and it sounds lovely – when I get a chance to play that is!  The piano tuner placed its date around 1905, so she’s doing very well.  He remembered tuning her once before, several years ago, when in Portland.

There’s been welcome rains recently, and fungi are popping up about the place.  While on a recent road trip, I stopped to examine one that grew around the gum trees.  It was enormous!  And it had plenty of family members around the same size not far away.  On that same trip, I found an unrestored vehicle that I’d love to own – a Citroen 2CV has been on my wish list for years now and suddenly there it was!  Entirely impractical for my needs, but one can always dream 🙂


Well the move went without drama – that all came later!  Nothing too huge though, just annoying glitches to get over amid all the chaos of the move to a place that hasn’t been lived in for some time.  Still not spending much time at my new place as it’s all hands on deck getting ready for the Folk Festival guests, at the Art Farm.  It’s one step at a time…. 🙂

More later…………..

Endings and beginnings

It’s my last full day at the beach house before I move to a dairy property, and so it’s a pretty busy time, preparing for the Removalist truck tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it will all come together in time and proceed with no dramas.  🙂

I’m very much looking forward to exploring new surroundings including new beaches, and sharing the images with you. Before I can do much of that however, I’ll be helping my friend at the Art Farm in Port Fairy to prepare for the guests staying there during the forthcoming Folk Festival.  A busy year it has been to date, with many changes, and challenges, and a time for sorting out my priorities.  Soon, I hope, I’ll have a chance to simply sit on my new porch and spin wool, and watch the cows chew their cud.  🙂

Light on the horizon


Rising Light

A month ago I sent out a plea for some stability in my life.  That plea has been answered.  Before the end of this month, I’ll be moving onto a dairy farm property, close to Port Fairy.  Of course, it does mean lots of sorting and packing once more, but I consider it worth the effort.  The cabin is well away from the main highway, and I have some lovely views of the rural scenes, which will compensate for the lack of sea views.  Mind you, I’ll still not be far from the ocean, and will be able to hear it talking at night.

I’m very grateful 🙂


Thank you.

Sheepish dogs

Last weekend Sheepdog  Trials were held at Port Fairy and I watched some dogs (and owners) go through their paces.  It’s always great to see a good working dog in action – and even those who are still learning how to deal with not so helpful sheep 🙂  These dogs were happy in their work and their partnership with the owner was most obvious.  Nice.