There’s No Romance in Rescue

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It’s my bi-annual report on the animals fostered here at Infinity Farm. I try to balance on a tightrope when I write about rescue. I want to encourage people to adopt and at the same time, not get too romantic about it. I know with bloody certainty than I can’t save them all. I just think that the value of animals in our world is worth our inconvenience.

My little farm has always had an open-door policy when it comes to rescues. In the last ten years, 32 horses, mules and donkeys have temporarily fostered with us for evaluation or training. Most of them found their way to new homes and happy endings. Some found their way to peace.

We have two fosters now. Seamus, or Moose as he prefers, is a Welsh Corgi who’s been here six months. Sometimes when owners give up their dogs, they give a list of faults…

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2 thoughts on “There’s No Romance in Rescue

  1. I really enjoyed that post. I’m going to pass it on to someone I know who does rescues. I know that my darling Dixie Rose still suffers from some psychic traumas from her first months of life — it’s hard to be patient sometime, but there are rewards.

    Hope all’s well. We’re heading into the Memorial Day weekend, and tomorrow afternoon a friend and i are going down the coast to visit — a Danish museum! Danes in Texas? Why not? Everyone else is here!

    • Thanks Linda. I’m a great follower of Anna and her wonderful work and her writing is fabulous! Yesterday I did a beach walk with a woman who had two rescue dogs with her and we talked about the process of rehabilitation. Great dogs and Fred really enjoyed their company. Looking forward to catching up on your writing too!

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