Sun glorious sun

Today it is drizzling rain.  But that’s ok, we have a sheltered place to be.  Tomorrow, the van is booked in for getting Solar Panels to power the lights and fridge when I’m not connected to mains power.  Currently I can get about 2 days from the second battery, without charge.  But it means I have to keep moving, when at times I’d like to stay longer, so it will give me more options and independence.  I’ve elected to get portable ones, so that I can keep the van in the shade, and place the solar panels in the sun, and move them around as the day proceeds.  At this stage, I’ll not install an inverter, as the benefits gained from one I can afford are not worth it.  It can remain an option down the track if I change my mind and is easy to add to the new setup.

Finally, after waiting for months, my dear little Corolla was sold yesterday. It was sad to part with her, but it wasn’t practical to keep two vehicles – especially when I have no fixed residence.  She has gone to a lovely home though, and I’m happy about that.  So the changes continue…………………

Once more, I’ve dipped into the archives for today’s image.




4 thoughts on “Sun glorious sun

  1. What a lovely photo — sunshine and rain both, it seems. You know how I feel about my Corolla, so I understand the pangs of selling. Still, I’m glad it went to a good home. When I sold my last one, it had those 350K miles (plus!) and went to a young, single mother who needed a car for work and school. Any young, single mother determined to get a degree and support herself needs all the help she can get, so “selling” isn’t exactly what I did. Trading just enough cash to make a title transfer possible is more like it. It was really quite satisfying for us both.

    I think your idea about the portable solar panels is good, too. I know a couple of people who’ve used them, and they’ve been quite happy. I have a friend who uses a solar oven, too. She says it’s a little iffy for baking, but it does wonderfully well for dishes like pot roast or anything that needs slower cooking.

    Keep having fun!

    • Now that the summer fire bans have finished I can use alternative cooking means. I love the concept of rocket stoves too. Main concern with winter approaching is finding shelter when doing cooking. So be it.

    • The panels fold in half and pack into a carry bag which then sits next to the folding table and both are held in place by a strap from the bed head. It’s all like a jigsaw getting each piece to fit best.

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