Reading and Writing and Waiting.

A gold star for attitude!

Anna Blake: The Print Version.

007 (640x435)In a counter-intuitive way, it’s a huge accomplishment to get my first rejection letter today. It means at least someone saw one of the submissions. Yay, me! In the meantime, I’m writing.

I get hooked by books, and by that I mean, jerked out of the water like a slimy big mouth bass with my fins and tail twitching, and my mouth opening  to breathe in air, when I’m used to water. I love a fish-out-of-water book that hooks me deep. With each new read, I hope it happens again.

It’ a challenge to cross the line from reading to writing. Some authors have such skill and vision that I worry I might defile them somehow when I scribble down an idea or sit at the keyboard. But still I take my seat, intimidated by an unwieldy combination of insecurity and hubris, grasping for the first words. Yes, the same…

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