A new day beckons


Last week the weather was quite hot, and the animals and I were glad to have a cool refuge.  However, this week is supposed to be much milder, and so we’re taking advantage of cooler weather to go off adventuring for a few days…..off into the great unknown…. not to my usual places…..and maybe some ocean will arise?  In the meantime, I’ve scheduled some posts, in case I’m unable to access technology.

” Travellers, there is no path, paths are made by walking.”  Antonio Machado




Last Saturday, Fred and the cats and I moved into a rental for the summer, in the town of Quorn – a town within easy access of the Flinders Ranges

It’s an old stone house, recently renovated, and mostly furnished, and suits our needs for a cool place during the region’s long hot summers.  Now I can’t remember just how many years it is since I lived in a town…. and after months on the road, it certainly is a change! However, it’s a friendly town, with a nice vibe, and I have great neighbours – one of whom was instrumental in me having this place.  Finally I’ve had a chance to give the van a good clean out, and soon I’ll set her up again ready to take off at a moment’s notice – when the call to explore is too strong to ignore!

There are several parks to visit nearby, that I’ve earmarked for the cooler days, and coming soon I hope, a trip on a heritage railway.

I also intend to catch up on lots of blogging about the many and varied places we’ve visited, including a recent 4-wheel drive tour I went on, which took me places the van wouldn’t be happy with 🙂

Meanwhile, there are a great many photos to sort and edit and compile………….

By the way, my back door looks out to the rising moon 🙂


With a little help from my friends….

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”

Albert Schweitzer

Today I had contact from a friend of mine, Francis, who is in need of a little help. He gave me much comfort and support in earlier times, and now he’s asking for a hand up.


Illness and a life of hard work has taken its toll on this wonderful man, and walking isn’t something that comes easily to him these days and so he’s been using a scooter to get around outside.  However, after years of service, this machine is no longer providing to his needs.

He has started a gofundme page to get a replacement scooter and I’m really hoping it is successful in reaching his target.  Please consider helping in this very genuine situation.


Let’s see if we can create some Magic! Thank you 🙂



Bloomin’ Beauties


Already it is October.  Spring here.


It was Autumn when I first began living in the Van.


Winter when I began the real travelling.


So the seasons roll on…. just as do birthdays.


Debra Eve writes about Later Bloomers –  celebrating those who have found their glory in their later years.  Another author is Lisa Congdon who recently published a book titled “A Glorious Freedom” about older women leading extra-ordinary lives.

As an early birthday present to myself, I’ve just purchased the Kindle version of this book.  While I do prefer hard copies, given the small space I live in, alternatives must be considered.  And so I move with the times – on some things anyway!


During the months on the road, I’ve met many interesting people, visited new places and revisited old haunts and renewed old friendships as well as formed new ones.  In some ways its been a bit of a whirlwind.   The diary I planned on keeping never eventuated (it may yet though) except in photograph form, and that probably is sufficient to tilt my memory into the right places when the time comes to write about it.


Summer approaches, and with it temperatures that can make it difficult to travel with my four-legged family, especially in the northern areas I love so much.


With that in mind, last month I did some research and active search, and with the help of new friends have found a lovely cottage to rent for the summer.  It is within easy access to my beloved Flinders Ranges, so we can still go off for camping when appropriate.  I’m not ready to stop this way of life just yet!


However, I have a feeling that I’m being called to explore in other ways…. and who knows what may open up!  Hence my book purchase.  It may provide clues to the direction I need to go in next.


Now I’m off to read my new book!  Who knows what may unfold…..









Days then weeks go by, and still I haven’t posted any updates….. sorry.  So here’s a very brief one.  Things are progressing on all fronts.  Slower than I’d have liked, but still, progressing.  Going through all my personal things, deciding what to keep, what to dispose of, it all takes time to do it thoroughly and with care.  But I’m getting there…. where-ever “there” is!

Changes happening to the van also.  Some cannot take place until January, but at least they are in the pipeline now.  Other small jobs done today and more on Sunday planned.  Once some basic refits are done, I want to do short trips to trial it and then adjust as necessary.

I’m beginning to dream of getting back into taking my photos again – so I can once more share with you the magic of the natural world and all its bounty.  🙂


The War on Milk

War Notes

Dear Francis,

I received disturbing news today, about the continuing war on real milk by Monsanto.  Remember the joy of drinking fresh milk, virtually straight from the cow, just as God made it?  Sadly, many today have no idea of what real milk tastes like….. nor of the practices that take place in the production of milk.  If only more consumers had an idea of the cruelty to the animals,   I’m sure they’d make better choices…..wouldn’t they Francis?  Sometimes I don’t have the faith in people’s goodness that you have…..Perhaps they need to know the real facts about milk, and instead of being scared of real fresh milk, they would know the dangers of corporate control of the dairy industry and the specific health concerns related to the use of antibiotics and rBGH in the production of milk.

Those who are concerned about food safety and rely on the FDA to guide them, are being deliberately misled – there is nothing independent about the FDA’s decisions!   Because farmers have no recourse through access to federal courts as a result of S.510 (another “conspiracy theory” proven to be fact), the FDA is now allowed to act with total impunity. The fact that humans have a basic God-given right to eat the food of their choice does not apply here. Neither does the fact that humans have been eating small farm food and drinking raw milk for virtually all of recorded history.

I’m sorry the news isn’t better Francis, but Daisy and I wait for the time we can give you some more of her milk which is fresh and real and wonderful!