It’s time to change from outmoded houses!

Definition of outmoded – no longer usable or practical; obsolete.

The cyclone in Queensland has wrecked many homes and caused disruption to power supplies and in turn to water supplies.  People are concerned about the situation. –

The ABC radio program By Design discussed design of houses in light of recent weather events and also about the trend of Australian houses getting bigger – in fact, Australians have bigger houses than Americans!  We have the – in my view – sad distinction of building the biggest houses in the world.

And yet, nothing really was said about revising the way we think about houses and communities – surely a debate should be taking place now that there’s an opportunity to do things differently.

It is obvious to many, that there will be many more extreme weather events taking place in the near future and we need to be better prepared to deal with them.  Shelter is critical.

Earthship Biotecture was created to deal with these situations, yet has been slow to get accepted by the general public.

There are other worthy inspiring options also.  Inhabitat has a range of alternative designs.  I love their Top 5 Tiniest Tiny Houses.

A great blog on Green Building is Baosol

Then of course, there is the Bogota Experiment. Inspirational changes within a city environment.

Come on – wake up! The world as we know it is changing.  Will humans become outmoded?  Yes,  if they fail to adapt to the changing situation.  Nature cannot be controlled, She must be worked with, not viewed as the enemy.

I live in a country that was settled by people who mostly had no understanding of climate and who viewed the natural world as something that had to be conquered.  Sadly that thinking, whether conscious or not, is still rampant.

This old ruin is a typical example of a house unsuitable for this climate.  It faces west thereby getting the full brunt of a searing afternoon summer sun.  Time and time again this basic principle of correct alignment of a building is ignored in the placement of modern buildings.  For some reason, people want their houses to face the street.  Strange……I’d rather a home that was pleasant to live in.