On making adjustments…..

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve noticed a dearth of notifications from W/P, and thought that perhaps most people were simply taking time out from blogging…. but, eventually the penny dropped that something wasn’t right.

Somehow my notifications got turned off.  Not by me.  A glitch.  Yes my intention for this year is to reduce distractions, to fine tune my focus.  But delete my blogging  community? No way! Honestly, if it wasn’t for the friends I’ve made here over the years, I probably would be going troppo.  Even without living in the tropics. 🙂

So I’ll try to catch up with the missed posts, but please forgive me if I don’t manage it. The intention is there…..

Currently I’m preparing to leave the summer house we’ve been staying in (thank God for it over these 45C plus days!) sometime in the next few weeks.  I need to make adjustments inside the van furniture wise, preferably first, and also at some point, upgrade my solar system so I can recharge camera batteries and run laptop, without having to stay in a costly caravan park too often.

Longer term, I’d like to purchase something along the lines of this unit or something similar.  When I first decided to live on the road, I had no idea how I or the animals would go with it.  So I purchased something within my limited budget so I’d have no debts and away we went. I have unresolveable health issues and have to work with that on a daily basis, even though I’m extremely grateful I’m now able to do more than I ever expected to.  Usually.  Not always.  But being on the road suits us all, despite  being cramped in the little van, and so that’s what it will be for who knows what time…..

Lacking a large bank balance, I can’t purchase a new vehicle just yet.  However,  if Lady Luck decides to favour me with a gift of a slightly larger home for life on the road, I’d not turn her down! 🙂  A Toyota please.  Very reliable and parts and service always accessible.  A kind loving home guaranteed.  🙂



Bloomin’ Beauties


Already it is October.  Spring here.


It was Autumn when I first began living in the Van.


Winter when I began the real travelling.


So the seasons roll on…. just as do birthdays.


Debra Eve writes about Later Bloomers –  celebrating those who have found their glory in their later years.  Another author is Lisa Congdon who recently published a book titled “A Glorious Freedom” about older women leading extra-ordinary lives.

As an early birthday present to myself, I’ve just purchased the Kindle version of this book.  While I do prefer hard copies, given the small space I live in, alternatives must be considered.  And so I move with the times – on some things anyway!


During the months on the road, I’ve met many interesting people, visited new places and revisited old haunts and renewed old friendships as well as formed new ones.  In some ways its been a bit of a whirlwind.   The diary I planned on keeping never eventuated (it may yet though) except in photograph form, and that probably is sufficient to tilt my memory into the right places when the time comes to write about it.


Summer approaches, and with it temperatures that can make it difficult to travel with my four-legged family, especially in the northern areas I love so much.


With that in mind, last month I did some research and active search, and with the help of new friends have found a lovely cottage to rent for the summer.  It is within easy access to my beloved Flinders Ranges, so we can still go off for camping when appropriate.  I’m not ready to stop this way of life just yet!


However, I have a feeling that I’m being called to explore in other ways…. and who knows what may open up!  Hence my book purchase.  It may provide clues to the direction I need to go in next.


Now I’m off to read my new book!  Who knows what may unfold…..









Days then weeks go by, and still I haven’t posted any updates….. sorry.  So here’s a very brief one.  Things are progressing on all fronts.  Slower than I’d have liked, but still, progressing.  Going through all my personal things, deciding what to keep, what to dispose of, it all takes time to do it thoroughly and with care.  But I’m getting there…. where-ever “there” is!

Changes happening to the van also.  Some cannot take place until January, but at least they are in the pipeline now.  Other small jobs done today and more on Sunday planned.  Once some basic refits are done, I want to do short trips to trial it and then adjust as necessary.

I’m beginning to dream of getting back into taking my photos again – so I can once more share with you the magic of the natural world and all its bounty.  🙂


A glimpse of my new direction :-)

Here’s a brief little teaser of some of which I’ve become involved in recently…….


I’ve belived for a long time that the Arts, and being Creative, is a way forward through the morass that humanity appears to have fallen into, to a place where individuality within community is to be celebrated and encouraged.

A chance meeting with a likeminded person almost a year ago is now giving form to that concept, although it’s still very early days and much is continuing to evolve.

So there’s a little Light on the subject for you 🙂


A brand new day…..and year.

Here’s the first sunrise of 2012, but one with a difference which I believe reflects what the year will hold in store.  A new way of viewing the world is being called for, and a need to really define what is important when the chips are down.  May we all show compassion, strive for justice, and act with courage and determination in this year of 2012. ♥

Fred has something to say

It’s not really a case of “the cat’s got my tongue”, more that the “dog’s got my tongue”.

My terrier Fred has begun his own blog, talking about his travels in this new location.  Perhaps you’ll like to read about it – Travels with Fred  I’ll still continue to write here – that is, when I’m not driving him about the countryside!