The Call of the Wind

“Come, come” called the Wind. “Come with me
Across the lands and sea
To the softer lands in gentler times.”
“Come join with me” enticed the Wind
“For I shall return you to all that was,
In Ages lost.”

She heard the Wind did call her name
And felt her heartbeat quicken
“Yes, yes, I’ll come with you” she cried
“For ’tis jagged here and
Broken I be, I feel my soul a shriven,
Take me home I do implore”

The Wind did raise her up on high,
It sailed away
To No-form-Land
And gently it did lay her down
Upon the stones and sand
Where-upon she was All One

At One with All and All was One
For this was how it  had begun.
The Wind did hear her cry
Of utter joyfulness
“Tis Peace I’ve found” she sighed
“And Soulful Bliss”

Her breath became  the tides
Reaching in and pulling back
She was the pulse of all the World
She was the World
The World was Hers
Now and Forever more.


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