Out of My Mind

When I am out of my mind,
The world is beautiful.
I am in each moment
Needing nothing, seeking nothing.
Content. At peace.

It takes a great deal
For me to lose my mind.
Pain is the quickest route, but
Pleasure is another path,
Just less travelled, no doubt.

Most say they are
Out of their mind,
When in fact
They are nowhere but there
To the exclusion of all else.

When I am out of my mind,
There is finally space
For the Other.
The world is beautiful,
I am beautiful.


3 thoughts on “Out of My Mind

  1. I am still in my mind – though my mind is not with ‘me’
    I am never out of my mind
    or so it is to say,
    for we are always of a mind
    in some kind of way.

    Let me explain..

    In the face of beauty, in nature
    for example,
    a mind may experience ecstasy,
    as there is always ample.
    My mind experiences beauty
    and I’m there for the ride
    though flying on the ecstatic
    I am comfortably inside
    for how can I feel the wonder
    of where my mind has been
    if me or my concsiousness
    is at another scene?

    What is I, what is me?
    whose is the consciousness we see?
    though I may still be in my mind
    while my mind is not with ‘me’.

  2. Ah, and then there are those of “two minds”, and those who say “never mind”….

    Thank you for your lovely contribution :-))

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