Update in Australia

It’s been too hot for me to use my laptop, as I’m concerned about it overheating, despite running fans and air-con.  However, late today it’s come in cooler, even trying to rain a bit, so I’m back on board for a while….however, there’s more hot weather just around the corner.

Of course, the bushfires continue and continue to be on everyone’s mind, and hearts are breaking; hearts are breaking even for those who are not directly impacted, but who feel things deeply, and truly understand the connectedness of all on this planet.

Talking with a friend today, she expressed concerns that the donations flooding into helping those affected, would be carefully managed.  I agree.  For also, it’s not just about an immediate response, but to be there for the long haul.  There’s no instant fixes.

Anyway, I’m providing a link to an organisation that’s been there helping wildlife for decades.  The Foundation For National Parks and Wildlife is a non-government organisation on a mission to protect Australia’s ecosystems and native species for generations to come. It is the charity partner of Australia’s National Parks.

Zoos Victoria also has a bushfire emergency Wildlife Fund accepting donations.

I’d also like to link to a very wonderful writer on WordPress, Kit, who writes on This Wholehearted Life.  Please take a trip over to her place, I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed.  It was the song that she put at the end of the post that I’m including here, as I feel it’s inspiring – and God knows many need some inspiration in these dark times.

8 thoughts on “Update in Australia

  1. Thank you so much for the shout out Annie. I’m trying to send you a private message but cant find a way to…I clicked the link you added twice and got two different songs. Which was fun, I hadn’t seen either! … but I think not the song you wanted to post 😉

    1. I’ve edited that link out for now Kit, not sure what went wrong. Definitely have an issue with my laptop, which is shut down now, luckily have a tablet.?.. Can’t get to technician for a while yet, so will need to be creative.

      1. My pleasure. This song is also on YouTube, sung by the Rankin Family alone, and is almost ethereal. Its my personal favourite, but I posted this because it features a number of our beloved east coast singers. But do listen to The Rankin Family’s rendition too 🙂

  2. I just came across this wonderful piece in the Sydney Morning Herald. On Saturday — I guess it’s Saturday there, now — they’re illuminating the sails on the Opera House in tribute to the firefighters and others. One of the photos they’ll be projecting onto the sails is shown. I love that the sign in the photo calls the firefighters “firies.” Is that a common phrase there?

    1. Yes, firies is a common term here. Aussies like to shorten words, scomo for instance referring to the current PM. We call truck drivers truckies, and of course this confuses that blasted predictive text! It wanted to use fairies and trackies, which does change the meaning a bit…..
      I’ve a friend who’s been in a fire zone for weeks, and when a relief convoy came into his town, the locals were overwhelmed by the kindness and donations given to them. It’s brought out the best and the worst in people he said. At the moment his zone is having a reprieve but next week will bring further challenges.

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