Falling in Love


If we fall in love with Creation deeper and deeper, we will respond to it’s endangerment with passion.

Hildegard of Bingen


6 thoughts on “Falling in Love

  1. Yep. It’s been said over and over, in a multitude of ways. I’ve always enjoyed this, from John Burroughs: “There is no literature or art without love and contemplation. We can make literature out of science only when we descend upon it with love, or with some degree of emotional enjoyment… Honey is the nectar plus the bee, and a poem, or other work of art, is fact and observation plus the man.”

    “Our best growth is attained when we match knowledge with love, insight with reverence, understanding with sympathy and enjoyment; else the machine becomes more and more, and the man less and less.”

    1. That’s really beautiful Linda, and Steiner was warning of the machine becoming more and that was a hundred years ago. Perhaps the busyness of modern life left no time for contemplation and now we see the unfortunate fruits of it. Yet, there is that call again for slowness and simplicity so perhaps not all is lost.

  2. Wouldn’t it be nice if more and more people felt this way rather than placing wealth on a higher plane? Interesting too that people such as this Saint were concerned about the destruction of creation a thousand years before now. If only they knew what we would create beyond what creation has offered us.
    Thanks for sharing the music. I love medieval chant/song. I am not a religious person but hymns such as these do touch me deeply.

  3. I have hope Steve, that the tumultuous times we are entering into, will see people return to their true selves and community, as that is the only way through the darkness. Mankind is on a threshold and it could go either way. Best to aim high and hold hope, despite the evidence elsewhere.
    Years ago I attended a personal growth workshop, and one exercise was to pair up with a person we thought was the most unlike us. Of course, what happened was we found more in common than our obvious differences. It was a great learning and I do my best to remember it during times of conflict.
    Glad the music was to your liking, I’ve enjoyed medieval music and traditional instruments for a long time, and was lucky enough to see a live performance of a group playing and singing. There’s a beautiful mellowness in the sound.
    I feel music of the Spirit goes beyond religion.

    1. I am sorry to say that I go between hope and despair. Ignoring the news helps boost hope and watching despair. I am not sure what it will take to loosen entrenched minds and draw them to the center and an understanding of each other.
      These singers are as ethereal in their voices and choice of song that despair does crumble at the sound.

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