Change of pace

It is Sprummer here Downunder.  Sprummer is a new term combining Spring and Summer, as the seasons are no longer it seems very distinct.  Already while still in Spring, Summer is looming large, with fire danger season brought forward, and bushfires already a hazard in parts of the country.


I’ve been trying to plan forward for the best way to deal with Sprummer, while living on the road with the animals.  Last summer we spent along the coastal regions or in forested areas and even then there were some tricky days keeping the animals cool and the van fridge functioning, if we weren’t driving with the air-con on.  This year promises even hotter conditions.

We’re currently staying put in a town we’re familiar with, while the van gets a thorough clean after months of dust storms, and I do a declutter and repack.  We’re staying in a friend’s unused vacant shop while this takes place, with the option to stay longer if we wish.  I’m very grateful for this opportunity although not sure about staying on for the summer.  As with anything, there are pros and cons.


Enquiries are being made on my behalf about a beach house in a quiet fishing village, which would be lovely if it comes off.  It’s all very unknown quantity at this stage but one can hope 🙂


My intention this summer is to find a comfortable place for the animals and myself, where I can spend much of my time reading the many books I’ve found in recent months, and to return to my writing.  I’ve begun my memoir 🙂  Who knows what it may deviate or evolve into? 🙂  But it can’t without regular input, and that’s what I’m needing to do without the distraction of finding the right place to camp each night.


I’m willing to risk it being a lemon……


Or bloomin’ marvellous! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Change of pace

  1. Sprummer: what a great word. Now, I’m trying to think what our word for summer-into-fall would be. I guess autumn would combine better: ‘sumtumn,’ maybe.

    That next to last photo stopped me. I think I photographed the same plant at a local Buddhist temple. What do you think? Does this look the same?

    1. You surprise me Linda, as I didn’t think you’d approve of me twisting the language thus. Sumtumn made me think of an Asian food😊

    2. As for that photo, I was in the Riverland on the edge of a lemon grove. Many years ago I had one in my garden, and spent hours photographing the spider hiding in the flower, to catch insects. That spider had the capacity to change color appropriate to the situation. Through photography I’ve learned more about the world around me than I learned formally.

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