Deep Lake

We spent an afternoon and a morning at Deep Lake, in Victoria.  It was lovely and peaceful, as we had the place to ourselves.  It did rain though, and it was a bit muddy, so we moved on elsewhere, but it’s a place we often return to when in the area.

I once asked a local fisherman, how deep the lake was.  Umm…. about a metre deep…. which isn’t deep in my view, however, it’s apparently deep compared to another nearby lake 🙂

8 thoughts on “Deep Lake

  1. I laughed at your “deep” lake. That’s akin to our “Clear Lake,” which isn’t. On the other hand, many people don’t realize that Galveston Bay is about 10′ deep — three meters, give or take. It’s important to learn where the reefs are!

    • This is volcano country, so there are many craters about, shallow ones fill with water, some even spring fed. I do wonder if it was named by someone with the Aussie form of irony. As for your bay, yikes, that would be a good training location!

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