The Homecoming

Well, I’ve travelled over 1,000 kms since leaving Victoria and now am back where my heart beats loudest, the Flinders Ranges SA.

It’s been a meander along the way, catching up with old friends and some family, and places not seen for years.  Too much to go into now…… but rest assured I have heaps of photos to share.  Finding Wifi in the right places at the right time is more the issue.  Even now when I have it, I’m itching to be on the road exploring!  So it’s brief.

It’s a tough land, sparse rainfall, but rich in many many ways.  And with my trusty navigator Fred and the cats, how can I go wrong!


5 thoughts on “The Homecoming

  1. Is that an ostrich? An emu? I love the babies. I love that open road, too. I love a good horizon, and you certainly have one there. Fred looks so serious, so dedicated to his important responsibiities. It must be great fun traveling with him — and with the cats, too, of course.

    I just read an article about the Flinders ranges, and now think that must be an emu. Gosh, what a great place to be. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more. Now, I’m going to get out my copy of Paul Theroux’s “Happy Isles of Oceania” and see if his Australia visits include your current territory.

    • Yes Linda it’s an emu. As you’d expect from the Land Downunder, it’s the male who sits on the eggs and looks after the hatched chicks. Don’t ever come between dad and his chicks if you value your health! It can be nervewracking when out walking in the bush to hear an emu booming, as it is difficult to locate the direction of the sound. My advice is to find the nearest large tree! If there is one of course…… 🙂
      I tried to find a sound of them but sorry this is the best I could do – most other sites simply have them grunting, not giving their warning sound.

      As you like music, here’s something to entertain you. 🙂

      It’s an Australian classic these days but I do remember when it first came out…..

  2. Oh, gosh! That song is wonderful! Of course I couldn’t understand half of it the first time around, but being a smart cookie, I found the lyrics on Google, and then read along while I listened. Now, I really like it. It’s amazing how he can make all those sounds, too — do I hear him imitating a Didgeridoo? It’s great to see so many people having so much good fun — and the video of the birds is quite something, too. I started going from one emu video to another, and sure enough — I think they can run the pants off a kangaroo!

    • Yes he does and his role of protector of the van and his cats. He let’s me know if there are things on the roadside too that I may need to be careful of

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