Little adventures

Well, the story of our travels continues.  The additional work on the van was carried out successfully, and a few days later we took off onto the road again for a few days exploring.  I wanted to be back in Port Fairy for some activities on the long weekend of June as I didn’t want to travel too far, selected Colac as the starting point.  It’s a nice country town, situated on a lake, and lovely old architecture.  Fred and I took a walk around the town when we arrived mid-afternoon, and then headed out to our campsite for the night, about 15mins from town.  It was a free campsite, and had toilets and tap water and is fine for brief periods but didn’t hold a lot of interest for me.  So off we went exploring the next day, and despite initial plans to go elsewhere, we found ourselves heading into the Otway Ranges. Now years ago I’d put that area on my to-do list, especially when I found out about the Otway Fly.  

However, I knew a brief visit would never satisfy me, which is why I was surprised to find myself selecting it for this brief road trip.  However….. can’t argue with my muse…

Yes, it was truly wonderful,  No, my time there was too short.  Yes, I will be returning.  Yes, it is one of the wettest places anywhere, summer or winter, and yes it does get very cold……..  but doesn’t usually get snow in winter.  Ha!  Despite my non-enjoyment of cold weather, I’m planning to spend somewhere between 1-4 weeks there this winter!  The reason is that during the summer the place is full of tourists but during winter the numbers reduce dramatically.  I don’t like crowds.   I’ve got a good offer at a caravan park in the region, where I’ll have power and hot showers and a camp kitchen as well as a concrete pad for the van and so I”m willing to give it a go!

Later this week I’ll be housesitting for friends again, and so it will be  early next  when we plan to head back to the beautiful temperate rainforest region where time has almost stood still.  I’m not very satisfied with the photos I took on the first trip and am definitely not happy with my laptop for viewing images – I DO so miss my desktop screen however, it is what it is for now…….OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Walking high in the tree tops was an amazing experience.


Climbing this 47metre tower as a challenge but well worth it for the view.


The walkways did sway if others were on it – once again a good reason to visit when not many people were walking on it!


Naturally there were times of going up and times of going down……


In the really damp areas, the walkways were covered with wire to prevent boots from slipping too much but it paid to keep attention to placing the feet carefully.


I was half expecting to see a dinosaur appear from the tree ferns…..


What really interested me was finding a black snail……unique to the Otways.


All I was able to photograph was the empty shell of one so guess what my next challenge is?  Yes, a real live one!  A snail that isn’t vegetarian – now that’s something different!


Naturally in such a damp region there are many waterfalls.  This one is Triplet Falls, not far from the Otway Fly.  Gorgeous.


The image doesn’t do it justice.  Hopefully next time I”ll do better.


So there you have it.  For now. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Little adventures

  1. Oh, my gosh. What a beautiful place. I confess that when I read “Ottway Fly,” my first thought was of an insect! I’d stick to the walkway rather than trying the zipline, that’s for sure. That just isn’t for me. (Neither are roller coasters, for that matter.) I was astonished to learn there’s a canivorous snail, and those tree ferns are just spectacular. They certainly aren’t my grandma’s garden ferns!

    I’m so glad you’re sorting things out, and finding ways to make all this work for you. I agree about the crowds. I rarely travel unless school is in session, and I try to find places that are a little off the beaten path. It’s a lot more fun!

    • Terribly sorry Linda just found I hadn’t replied to your comment. I had to tackle the crowd of holidays and now it’s easier. Just the others like myself……
      Part of me is still back in the area – it’s the wildness of course which attracts me.

      • There’s no need for apologies. I usually have a hard time getting around to new postings promptly, and sometimes miss a comment on my own blog. I’m just glad you’re posting a bit more, since I enjoy seeing your world so much!

  2. Hi, I was glad to read your brief visit enticed you to return for a longer exploration. I was wondering – leeches?
    I am sorry you are missing your desktop computer, but I agree it is more satisfying looking at images on a larger screen.

    • Hi Margaret plans took a right hand bend and I’ve left Vic for a while…so plans for Otway’s on hold sadly. Perhaps one day…Ummmmm leeches…..hmmm.. prefer not to think of them!

    • Thanks Sheila its an area well worth a visit if you ever come to Oz. Now I’m in another world class attraction but at the opposite end of rainfall. Both have their value.

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