Wild2My cat Frank continues to surprise me.  Before Easter I spent a couple of days with friends not far from where we lived about 18months ago.  When I turned the van off the main highway, on the route I used to take when I lived in the region, Frank started speaking, as he does when he recognises where he is.  Sadly for Frank, I stopped not at his old place, but somewhere completely different – and one which smelt of DOG!  But when the dog was safely inside his house, Frank could do a little exploring.  Pixel decided discretion was the best bet, and kept inside the van apart from short walks on her lead and harness.  Fred was fine, and if I disappeared into the house, he would return himself to the van and keep watch there.  He was also being very protective of “his cats” which was surprising but nice.

Then we travelled back to where we’ve all spent time in the past, but again, even though the cats hadn’t been there for over a year, they remembered it, and had a great time exploring old haunts.  There have been a few minor  arguments with the resident feline, but I told them the place was big enough for everyone, and it’s settled down for now.  In a couple of days we’re returning to where we first stayed, for housesitting duties, although the van will be parked in a slightly different position.  The following week perhaps we’ll go a little further afield….. 🙂

Got some photos to share… later…. 🙂 But selected this one from when we lived on the Limestone Coast farm property and could do lovely long morning walks…..


4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. That’s a fabulous photo of the kitties — truly. And I enjoyed hearing that Fred has taken on some new responsibilities. Kitties need protection in new places, sometimes. It’s good that they seem to be coping well, and it sounds like you’re happy, too. It’s just great to get little updates, with or without current photos. It will take time to develop a bit of a routine (even if it’s a non-routine routine!) and learn how best to do things you want to do.

    Happy travels!

  2. Hi, I am glad to read that, so far, adapting to a nomadic way of life is proceeding reasonably well.
    Fred will be happy being with you wherever you are and the cats are being flexible.
    Do you hope to pick up more house sitting opportunities?

    • I have another next month. Generally I’ll do house sitting on a selective basis but not as a constant. I have a friend from Canada now in Oz who does it fulltime but he has no pets of his own. So……it depends.

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