On the road…. almost

Just a quick update.  I’ve now officially ‘left home’ or more correctly I suppose, transferred into a van as home.
That happened last Thursday afternoon, and the four of us (dog and two cats) drove a shortish distance to friends’ place where we set up camp.  Then had housesitting duties over the weekend – very easy – and today we’re moving a short distance to another spot on the property where it will be more private for all.  That will be our home base for the near future, while I take time to just be….. and do almost nothing 🙂  Well, there’s gardening for me to do in return, but there’s no worries on that.

Main thing is, the cats are doing well in adjusting to the changes, and accepting the van as their go-to place.  Fred of course, is great with it all 🙂

I’m still getting my head around the changes I need to learn re technology, for my change in circumstances, so no photos at this point. But rest assured, they will come.  🙂



9 thoughts on “On the road…. almost

  1. This is wonderful news. It’s good that you have a place to settle in where you’re comfortable, and it’s especially good to know the kitties are doing well. Fred? i wasn’t worried about Fred at all.

    It’s amazing how many adjustments do have to be made, even with small changes in our circumstances. With a change such as yours, of course there are more. And yes, the techie things require as much or more adjustment as everything else. I’ll look forward to the updates!

    • For this past week I seem to have been catching up on much needed time-out….. and this week I’ll take as it comes also. Pixel is learning the routine of when I’m preparing to go out in the van, so that gets tricky – as you well know, cats can be just too smart for their own good! However, she and I will learn the most suitable system for us both 🙂 Frank is more dog than cat and that helps. I’ve slowed on the techie stuffs, my excuse being stormy weather hampering activities, but later in the week the rain will be gone as will my excuses! So no images to load yet….but some nice sunrises in the camera.

    • Thanks Eddie, we’ve been fortunate having friends with a property where we can ease into this new life. As always, it’s just one step at a manageable time. 🙂

  2. Wow – sounds like a great adventure in freedom. I bet you’re feeling a whole lot lighter. It’s amazing the cats are adjusting, they must have the same spirit of exploration as you. I will look forward to your updates.

    • It’s funny about the cats Sheila. Frank, who prior to this change, preferred to spend his days outside, or at least on the veranda, now spends much of the day when he could be outside, inside the van. Just chillin’ out 🙂 Pixel is doing more of the exploring aspect than she did before. Every day is a work in progress. I did get some ‘treats’ from a pet shop that has slight sedative properties from natural ingredients, and they get these each time they have to go into travelling mode. Seems to keep us all happy. 🙂

  3. Definitely get where you’re coming from, Enivea — my life is similar (though not as nomadic) at home in the mountains. Most times I’m doing absolutely nothing and loving every minute of it. There’s so much to just soak in everyday and appreciate. I’m lovin’ these times with hubby – exploring life and noticing how each day unfolds.

    • Thanks Pat. Yes, having the time to soak in what is simply around, is a blessing indeed. At this stage, I’m not quite there yet…. but getting closer to my dream of sitting in the sun and dreaming….

      • You’re almost there, Enivea. Won’t take long — time passes fast and, before you know it, there you’ll be sitting in your perfect spot in the sun and dreaming. 🙂

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