The Countdown.

Well folks, in one week’s time, I should be closing the door to my little cottage for the last time.  Needless to say, I’ve been busy preparing for the forthcoming changes – closing down my house, (which has entailed selling, donating, and finally putting some things into storage) and preparing the new home, the Toyota van.  It’s been an interesting process, this downsizing, and I’m sure it will continue for a bit yet.  But by putting some things into storage, I feel I’m not completely burning my bridges, if van life falls in a heap.  Just one step at a time 🙂

Mixed in with the preparations, have been some enjoyable distractions.  Music festivals, short travels, country fairs. All of them I’ve a photo record, and hope to eventually share them with you – when life is back to the slow pace I enjoy the most! 🙂

Just for now, are a few photos of my first campout, when I needed to evacuate from the property for a few days while spraying took place on the crops.  The van is quite comfy, albeit small, and really, I am looking forward to the changes.  And did I mention a slower pace of life???? 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Countdown.

  1. I love this — both the photos, and hearing that things are progressing nicely. Here’s the link I promised you for blog of another woman who’s on the road. She and her husband have a dog, too, so there are some posts about how to pull off that part of the experience — although I think that’s probably less of an issue for you because your friend’s more accustomed to the life already.

    Best wishes for the door closing — I’m looking forward to seeing how the life suits you.

  2. Hello…I’m the blogger shoreacres mentions above. Can certainly relate to the “closing the door one last time,” as that’s what we did last October when we left our home (mine of 24 years) in Central Washington State and hit the road. We picked up our little Casita in Texas on Nov 2. We don’t have a lot more room than you will have in the van, but after overcoming a bit of claustrophobia with the three of us sleeping on a double bed, I have become quite comfortable. (Plus our dog Taz is now sleeping on the bench seat, which was my plan all along.
    Happy Travels…I too will look forward to hearing about your travels. Will you be traveling exclusively in Australia or will you come to the states. (My nephew lives in Cabarita Beach. What a beautiful spot that is, but have never been.)

    • Hi Martha, so lovely to have contact with you, and sorry for the delayed reply, although I’m sure you can understand why… My dog Fred sleeps in his container on the front seat, leaving the rear section for the cats and I and while I’ve a full size single bed it does get a little cramped at times! Slowly I’m finding better systems for storage etc… and continually planning other improvements. It’s a process isn’t it. 🙂

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