Days then weeks go by, and still I haven’t posted any updates….. sorry.  So here’s a very brief one.  Things are progressing on all fronts.  Slower than I’d have liked, but still, progressing.  Going through all my personal things, deciding what to keep, what to dispose of, it all takes time to do it thoroughly and with care.  But I’m getting there…. where-ever “there” is!

Changes happening to the van also.  Some cannot take place until January, but at least they are in the pipeline now.  Other small jobs done today and more on Sunday planned.  Once some basic refits are done, I want to do short trips to trial it and then adjust as necessary.

I’m beginning to dream of getting back into taking my photos again – so I can once more share with you the magic of the natural world and all its bounty.  🙂



5 thoughts on “Preparations

  1. Well, as I’ve learned, and as I always try to convince my customers, the basis of a good varnish job is the prep work. Prep it right, and the varnish will look great. Don’t do the prep, and even the best varnisher in the world will produce a job that looks terrible.

    Same with your situation, I’d say. The preparation is what will allow things to go swimmingly in the future. You’re smart to tend to the details as you are!

    And the photos are just wonderful. I can’t decide which I like best. I’d say the first shows you with your naturalist hat on, and the second as an artist.

    • Thanks Linda, I just love your comments about the photos! Brought a genuine smile to my face, thank you.
      Have now got a date, 30th January for the Fiamma awning to be fitted. That’s going to be a real red letter day! It’s taken much searching to source the right awning and place to fit it, but I’m confident I’ve made the right, if expensive, choice.

    • Thanks Margaret. Yes by the end of the month there will be significant improvements, although already it’s much better in the van and disposal of goods and chattels continues….

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