Some say it’s Spring

The weather across the country has been unusual to say the least – and maybe I’ll leave it at that.  🙂  However, despite it all, my friend’s garden that I work in, is putting on it’s Spring face and on the rare still warm evenings, the perfume is delicious.

When I’ve not been in the garden, I’ve been mostly sorting through my household items, deciding which to keep, which to sell, and which to give away to friends.  It’s been an interesting process, and not as difficult overall as I’d expected. There have been planned and unplanned expenses on the van, and I’m not as advanced in my interior fit-out as I’d have liked, but at least the mechanical side of things is being dealt with.  Next month I’m planning on some little trips away – if the weather settles down that is!


2 thoughts on “Some say it’s Spring

  1. The flowers are beautiful, but that face in your header photo! I believe I’m in love with whatever that little creature is. Maybe a praying mantis, or some such? It’s a wonderful photo, in any event.

    Getting the mechanical things under control is such an important step. The fitting out can take its sweet time. As for the sorting — well. My aunt has decided that she wants to move apartments, so she can have a balcony and bird feeders, and that’s necessitating the same kind of triage you’re involved with. I must say, I came home from my trip inclined to toss a little more ballast overboard — physical and otherwise. It makes it easier to pick up and go.

    I hope your weather soothes itself, and that you do have a chance for some little trips — shake down cruises, if you will!

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