It’s arrived

While I’ve been quiet on this blog the past weeks, I’ve been busy elsewhere, including researching online possible vehicles for my next venture – life on the road.  Many and varied were the ones I considered, gradually eliminating those either way beyond my budget, or with reliability issues.

Finally it came back to good ol’ Toyota.  My current little car is a Corolla, as was my previous hatchback, and so it seems we form a good partnership.



So I last week I handed over most of my savings, and got this girlie in exchange.


My new home

The previous owners converted it from a wheelchair bus, to a camper for themselves, and had great enjoyment taking trips in it.  However, they’ve decided now to accept that their aging bodies would like more comfort when travelling, and so their camping days are at an end.   While I can go camping right away with it, for the longer term I’ll be doing a re-fit, for my particular needs.  Including getting an awning.

There has been much rain lately, and continues to be and any jobs will be fitted in around those conditions.

The next town along the road from here is Yambuk, and driving through there earlier this week, I saw a great deal of water.


Yambuk  flooded

While I’m happy to see the land finally get a good soaking, I do feel sorry for those who have to deal with the flooded areas, and am grateful that’s one thing I don’t have to deal with.  I’ve enough on my plate for now thanks, as I deal with disposing of my household items and personal treasures.  Parting with my books is the most difficult……  but on the other hand, I am looking forward to travelling and the nice adventures that will arise.

Regardless of what arises, this is the next step in my life.  And I’m not alone in this issue of homelessness, as recent National Radio programs attest.

Once upon a time, the government provided low-cost housing.  Not any longer – not in the quantity that is required.  Not when a woman rated as high need can be on a 4 year waiting list.  Yes, Australia, the Lucky Country.

Just don’t get old…….$400-a-week-fix-pension-poverty/7846444

Now to leave you with a pretty picture, and one of my favourite songsters.  🙂


Down the road


4 thoughts on “It’s arrived

  1. Do you know, I’ve never heard that Van Morrison song? When I think of him, I only remember “Brown-Eyed Girl” — a fantastic song, but clearly not the limit of his repertoire! The image of the road you posted just above the video is fantastic, too.

    I just read a tip on another blog today that I’ll pass on to you: don’t depend only on your cell phone for numbers, or even a printed list. Memorize the important numbers — maybe only two or three — so that, should you be in a situation where you need to ask someone else to call for help, you’ll hav the number in mind. I had to memorize my phone number when I was a child before I was allowed to go out of the yard!

    All of my cars have been Toyotas, too. I’ve had four. Two were murdered, and I decided to sell the third before it died of natural causes. Of course, I was well north of 350,000 miles, so it seemed a wise move. They’re good, dependable vehicles. Beyond that, your new one looks pretty spacious, while being small enough to herd around easily. I’m looking forward to your version of “Oh, the places you’ll go!”

  2. Thanks for the tips Linda, although these days I can’t trust my memory at all, and have always kept a hard copy of important numbers etc. Of course, I can still remember the phone number of the childhood! It’s only more recent ones that cause issue.
    I smile when I read of your Toyota history, as it seems yet another of those co-incidences between you and I despite being on opposite ends of the globe.
    Yes mine is spacious, to a degree, but considering it will contain all my worldly goods and necessities, every space will have to work very hard. And of course, all that required for my four legged family members. Fred has been for a ride in it, and loves his higher view. The cats can smell the previous owner’s dog, and are not impressed, so I’m dealing with that issue. They will come round in time.

    • Thanks Margaret. Yes, as with any changes, there are mixed emotions, but generally, I’m looking forward to setting off. As to the piano….. not sure yet……

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