Meeting the neighbours

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We’re getting out across the farm more now that I’ve found out the bulls have been removed from the property, and the new stock are very curious and slowly getting to know us.  Moooo 🙂



4 thoughts on “Meeting the neighbours

  1. Those are some fine looking cows, I must say. I’d be happier about making their acquaintance with the bull gone, too. I wanted to go out and about this afternoon, but it’s just too hot. Right now, we’re at 36/40C, and I think I’d better save myself for work tomorrow. This is the only time of year boatwork isn’t fun. Even winter is fine — but this heat? No thank you.

    I’ve been putting ice cubes in the birds’ watering bowl each afternoon. There’s a pair of sparrows now that knows what’s coming. They show up as soon as I do, and have a nice cool bath!

    • I could gather up some of the hail and send it to you for the birds 🙂 Snow is expected in the region, but not along the coast where I am – mind you, anything could just happen! Black ice warnings on the roads…..
      So different from the years spent up north where 35C would be regarded as a mild day. I’m grateful I don’t have to spend much time outdoors these days when the weather is difficult, unless I choose to do it.
      May your weather be gentle.

    • I’ve been thinking of you today Margaret, hoping you and your girl are managing to keep warm in the bitterly cold spell hitting the region. Fred has always liked cattle, and I don’t think he regards himself as much smaller than they are. He is not keen on them chasing him however, even if in fun 🙂
      He’s delighted to learn that the new family here has two lively cute small dogs – well his size that is, and keeps a sharp lookout for their visits. I’ve only met one briefly so far, and it absolutely grinned at me when we met. 🙂

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