Well the move went without drama – that all came later!  Nothing too huge though, just annoying glitches to get over amid all the chaos of the move to a place that hasn’t been lived in for some time.  Still not spending much time at my new place as it’s all hands on deck getting ready for the Folk Festival guests, at the Art Farm.  It’s one step at a time…. 🙂

More later…………..


5 thoughts on “Hullo

  1. Well, hullo, right back. I’m glad to hear all’s well, and look forward to further bulletins from The New Life! Our spring wildflowers are beginning to pop — what a treat they are. Have fun settling in, however long it takes.

    • Thanks Linda. 🙂 It’s been full on for this so-called lady of leisure, and I’m no-where near settled into my place yet, due to preparations for the Folk Festival, which commences tomorrow. Then I’ll switch hats, remove my domestic one and put on my photographer/spectator hat – with a huge sigh of relief. After this weekend, I will move properly into my new place with great relief. Looking forward to introducing the cats to their new environment, where they will be able to go for walks with me once more. 🙂 In the meantime, bring on the MUSIC!! And later, evenings catching up on your writings and images – ah, Spring for you!

      • Sounds like you’re doing just fine. And I have some treats waiting for you on my blog, including a drunk squirrel that had to be sobered up with dandelion greens. 🙂

        Have fun at the festival! Take photos, have a drink or two, and enjoy the music!

    • Hi Margaret, finally feeling at home, and enjoying walking out with Fred and the cats again. Pixel especially loving somewhere new to explore. 🙂

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