Sheepish dogs

Last weekend Sheepdog  Trials were held at Port Fairy and I watched some dogs (and owners) go through their paces.  It’s always great to see a good working dog in action – and even those who are still learning how to deal with not so helpful sheep 🙂  These dogs were happy in their work and their partnership with the owner was most obvious.  Nice.


2 thoughts on “Sheepish dogs

  1. I just love that top photo of the dog, spraddle-legged in front of the sheep. They take such joy in their work, and in doing it well. Of course, it’s instinctive — people who have working dogs of any sort say they’re born to it. I heard a fellow talking about his hunting dog the other day: a black lab. They’d been out after teal, particularly, and he said that, even after a couple of hours of good hunting, the dog hadn’t missed a bird.

    Then again, there was the beagle named Happy who lived across from my folks, in the town where I grew up. That dog had a routine, too. He’d come barreling out of his house, cross the street, and run right up to the fire hydrant in our front yard. He’d point, and that was it. He refused to stop. More times than I can count, his owners had to come over, pick him up, and carry him home. Misplaced instinct can be pretty darned funny.

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