This week I was reading Pat’s blog post on Courage and the New Year and she finished by asking what word speaks strongly for this new year.  The word that quickly arose for me was “stability”.  It’s not that I’m against change, it’s simply that for the past year I’ve been constantly packing bags and travelling back and forth, living in two places.  My home, and another’s.  And neither feels like the home I wish to have.  My cats and dog have adapted extremely well to the situation, to the extent that now when the travelling crate comes out, Pixel goes in immediately and settles down.  Frank is slightly more reluctant and always voices his disapproval at the beginning of the trip, but overall he’s pretty good.  Fred, well, he’s a dog and a terrier, so he’s always up for a trip in the car.


The road much travelled

It’s me who’s feeling weary of it.  Seeking solutions.  Seeking stability.  I still want to work on my friend’s garden as I find bringing it into order a very satisfying experience.  But it’s too far from my place for a quick half day visit, and so entails packing and unpacking…….


Front view

When I moved to my beach cottage last year, I initially only took out a six month lease as I wasn’t sure how I’d adapt to no longer living in the middle of a very very large cow paddock.  Well, it has been tough as even though I’m not crammed into a suburban block as such but look out onto the ocean in front and a paddock out back, I’ve still got to contend with road traffic….and Fred spends far too much time on a leash.  Not what we are used to, and now I don’t think what we can get used to….. I’m too old a dog myself to learn that new trick.

The paddocks.jpg

We want to be wandering paddocks like this again…..

Find some gold again

And find some gold……

I’ve extended my lease for another three months while I continue the search for something to fits our needs better, and gives me that much needed sense of stability.  Or else I’ll simply hit the road……….


7 thoughts on “Stability

  1. It’s funny. Your comments brought to mind my feelings after I’d been living aboard a small boat for a while. I developed an almost physical cfraving for a closet and a bathtub. Small boat living has a lot in common with camping out, and while that’s fine if your purpose is to camp while traveling or vacationing, the difference between living aboard and living under a highway overpass is more similar than people would think. Granted, the boat had many more amenities, but the sense of impermanence can be wearing.

    So a happy 2016 to you, and best wishes as you search for a more congenial place. I have no doubt it’s out there. I must say, the ocean is lovely, but the thought of that road would get to me, too.

    • You were in my mind Linda when I was taking these photos so I’m very pleased you’ve enjoyed them. Last week I stepped on board another sailing vessel, a lovely wooden boat that the owner was revarnishing sections of….. but although he’s owned her for three years he’s not been able to sail her due to an injury. Naturally I told him about my friend who varnishes boats….. 🙂

  2. Thank you Eremophia for stopping by and for sharing my post and your word — Stability — for the New Year. I can get a feel for what you’re saying, being on the go a lot, and I don’t think it would take long for packing the suitcases and hitting the road to get old.

    Funny, though, when I think about it, how the grass looks greener on the other side and I’d like a little more of that in my life. For me, I wonder what that would be like to be able to be on the go and have places to go and people to see doing what I love.

    Retired for several years now and more remote living in the mountains with hubby, I’ve settled into a homebody only getting out to go to town occasionally. I know there’s a lot I could do with volunteering, networking and getting more involved in the community but I’ve done that for many years. I guess I am doing what I love and I’m content and happy (except for a little travel now and then). I guess you could call me stable but then what I’ve learned is that, if you live long enough, you find out that’s an illusion.

    Our lives, people, places and circumstances will always be changing. It’s the one observing the changes ten years ago that’s observing the changes today that never changes. God bless you in the New Year and I hope you find stability and that perfect place to plant and root yourself. Where ever you are peace will follow.

    (Note: Enivea – when I liked and shared your RedBubble site on StumbleUpon, I got the most hits (818) ever. Your photos were a hit.)

    • Hi Pat, there’s a difference between being on the road travelling, and simply commuting, even if the commute is in the countryside. I’d love to travel more…. 🙂
      On the home front, there’s a possibility, fingers crossed, of a better place, more on that later.
      Many thanks too Pat, for sharing my images and giving me the feedback on them. Once the housing issue is settled, I’ll be returning to my original focus on the natural world.

      • I can definitely see where you’d like traveling more, Eremophila, and hope the possibility of your better place pans out. I’m looking forward to hearing more about that.

        And you’re always welcome on your images. I enjoy them and I’m happy to share the love. 🙂

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