Cape Bridgewater

With a beautiful bay with plenty of sand, birds, and few people, Cape Bridgewater was the destination for Fred and I recently when we had some spare time on our hands and paws.  It was a little too cold that day for dipping into the water, but it was lovely to finally walk along some sand as my local coastline has only tiny sections on which to walk.



4 thoughts on “Cape Bridgewater

  1. What a beautiful place. And look at all those birds! Species differ from place to place, of course, but they look like gulls or perhaps even terns. In any event, they’re delightful.

    I’m always struck by coastlines that differ from ours by having hills, cliffs, mountains, or whatever around them. We’re just a long, coastal plain slide toward the water. On the other hand, we do have a lot of unbroken horizon!

    • Linda, I always admired the coastline of Oregon US, with its waterfalls right onto the beaches – that’s got to be hard to beat! I am hoping to walk some of the tracks along the coast here though, when the wind isn’t too brisk, to get that different perspective up high. Where I grew up in Adelaide, the beaches are mostly as you say, just a long coastal slide toward the water 🙂 The birds may be hooded plovers, as well as terns – must confess I don’t know my coastal bird species very well. Gulls yes, well, they are almost everywhere!

  2. Hi Eremophila

    you have managed beautifully to convey through your photos the solitary beauty of this bay. I was recently walking on the sands of Morar, way up on the North West coast of Scotland, a bay area with a similar atmosphere. But not those stunning flocks of birds…

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