A quiet walk

Although it’s summer, fog rolled in overnight, and it lured me out with the camera just on daybreak.  As usual, the cats came a short distance, then waited in the trees for my return.

Sadly, Mr. Merriwether wasn’t with Fred and I either.  He has disappeared.  The property’s stockman saw him (he thought) last week when I was away, out in the paddock with the young cattle, but mustering has failed to produce him.  The place is quite empty without him, and I feel sad about not knowing his fate.  Sigh…. but that is country life with animals ……..

Compared to other local properties, this place still has plenty of grass, as the owners don’t overstock – so we saw plenty of kangaroos out enjoying the coolness of the morning. The snails enjoyed it also 🙂

Just click on an image and then scroll through to view.


9 thoughts on “A quiet walk

  1. Beautiful photos. After a much colder winter than we’ve known in a long time, Anji and I can’t wait for spring to arrive here.

    Cats, sometimes they just up sticks and move on. You never know and rarely find out. Think I’ll come back as a cat, if I get the choice. If we get to come back at all, that is. Or maybe a deer. I’ve always wanted to be a deer. But then again, looking at those kangaroos …

    • This has been a cool summer in the south, although up north it’s been hot and the fruits are slower to ripen although I’m lucky enough to have plenty of nectarines off the tree – very yummy!
      Mr. Merriwether is the sheep, who has gone missing…. sorry if I wasn’t clear and confused you Bryan. According to a cat cartoon I found many years ago, humans must evolve higher in order to come back as a cat 🙂 I’d like to be a migratory bird next time, if I HAVE to come back yet again…..perhaps Merops Ornatus…..

      • Never mind, I get easily confused and unclear these days. Remind me, sheep are the fluffy ones with one leg at each corner, like kitchen tables have, aren’t they? Love the name Mr Merriweather. I can imagine him wearing spectacles. Hope he finds his way back.

        With the new information you provided on reincarnation, I’ll probably have to settle for coming back as some sort of lowly rodent.

      • Oh, I wonder if the rodent was the sort that cat Pixel had in her mouth today? 🙂
        Remember – ‘and the meek shall inherit the Earth’ – or what will be left of it, if the global events currently unfolding develop much more……

  2. What a glorious series of photos. Of course I love the snails and the fog, but Fred under the tree is quite nice, and that one of the trees themselves is great. We have an area along the coast, a little farther south, where the live oaks bend like that, because of the prevailing winds.

    I just can’t believe those kangaroos. They don’t seem real, somehow, although of course they are. Every time I see them, I start humming that crazy, “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.” Such a silly song, and so much fun.

  3. I know that one, too! As a matter of fact, I remember almost all the lyrics to both. They were HUGELY popular here.

    Not only that, when I was a kid going to camp, we used to sing all the time about the kookaburra sitting in the old gum tree. I still remember those words, too:

    Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree,
    Merry merry king of the bush is he.
    Laugh, Kookaburra, laugh, Kookaburra,
    Gay your life must be!

  4. Hi Enivea, This is a delightful series of photographs.

    This morning as I stood out in the street, I was able to admire a similar sunrise shining through the early morning mist surrounding nearby hills.

    Tomorrow when I go to the Wesley Hill market, I might be lucky enough to see kangaroos down by Forest Creek.

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