For the past year, I’ve been suffering from a syndrome called ‘restlessness’.  Despite my attempts to quell it, or to transform it, it has occupied most of my waking hours – and disturbed my sleep…….

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve moved house – and yes, it has been literal a couple of times also!  Not this house though, which I encountered on a recent trip away.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMuch of my life has been spent living in the countryside or the bush, and I’ve relished it most of the time, so it comes as a great surprise to me, that it no longer does.  In fact, what used to sustain me in my quiet life, no longer is sufficient.  I want more…..

Over ten years ago I became quite ill, and life changed forever.  I lived more or less as a hermit for many of those years, and that was part of my healing.  Time alone will always be necessary for my well-being, but now it seems it’s time for me to rejoin society to some degree.  It’s always going to be a juggling act, although I feel I’m better prepared for it now – time will tell of course.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe cleaner air of the coast plays a great part also in my well-being, the question is – which coast?

Last November a friend and I took a brief holiday to South West Victoria, and quite unexpectedly, my friend bought a property on the outskirts of Port Fairy, where he’ll be able to pursue his artistic life with more freedom.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhat a wonderful welcoming sign to the area!  Need I add, that this area was settled by the Irish, and that influence remains strong today.  I’ve got strong Irish heritage and so feel right at home here.

Home.  Hmmm…. such a word can conjure many thoughts, feelings and impressions.  Now after helping my friend pack and move to his new home, I’m on the search for my new…. my new what?  Place of being perhaps…..   Travel and adventure call to me, as does having a safe place to return to and rest my head. I want – no NEED to go ‘Walkabout’ from time to time and this was brought squarely to my attention when I met two fabulous young women recently who were travelling.  It wasn’t envy but longing that I felt when I saw them depart after a couple of days of great times together.  I wanted to be on that highway also……

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s time to go dancing!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOh yes, my Olympus EM5 needs to go away for some minor attention soon, and as I cannot bear to be without a trusty companion, I have purchased another Oly, this time a TG 850, a small fun camera with lots of great features.  We’re still getting to know each other, and it will never replace the EM5, but be more as a support act 🙂

I’ve given notice of intention to depart to my landlords, and they couldn’t be more helpful and supportive, given I’ve got no date of departure at this stage.  Already I’ve sorted through my ‘stuff’ and sold/given away/disposed of a great deal, with larger pieces of furniture next to deal with, as I reduce, reduce, reduce…..

After all, it’s just stuff!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI need to follow Fred’s example and live in the moment.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd make just some new tracks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFootloose and fancy free

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell, as much as an old chook like me can be, with my fourlegged companions….. who are getting quite accustomed to our comings and goings……..

So there’s the picture of what’s been happening lately, and why I’ve not been posting as much.  It’s all a bit fragmented….   🙂

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI just have to keep faith and trust.

Find the thing that stirs your heart and make room for it. Life is about the development of self to the point of unbridled joy.
Joan Chittister
Monasteries of the Heart Newsletter


9 thoughts on “Restless

  1. I like to live quietly also, and just got back from a long wander alone in Thailand. It was a mixed experience to be in such a radically different culture, and there was no small amount of adversity, but I do believe that a good wander now and again is good for the soul. Best of wishes for whatever you decide to do and for a comfy Home to come back to.

    • Yes Beth, taking the path less travelled is appealing – and I look forward to reading about your experiences in Thailand. Many thanks for your best wishes.

  2. How well I understand your wanderlust, the urge to travel has been with me for most of my life. In 1999, at the age of fifty, I started out on an interrupted journey that took me to the birthplace of my grandfather in Arctic Norway.

    Hammerfest, is the furthest north you can get in Europe, and used to be the town furthest north in the world. Over the following few years, punctuated by stops in England for a couple of months here and there, I made my way down to the most southern point of Europe at Tarifa in Spain. I have lived not far from there for over a decade now, and my feet are getting a bit itchy, as I long for a bit of city life.

    I’ve written about my journey to Hammerfest and Northern Norway on another blog. I hope you don’t mind me taking the liberty of linking to it here:

    • Hey Bryan, what makes you think you can take these sorts of liberties with me?! Herumph! 🙂 I did enjoy reading about your Norway trip, and it brought back memories of my all too brief visit to the Arctic Circle in Norway, when I was a sweet 20 yo. Hmmm…. no, actually I don’t think I ever was all that sweet……
      I walked at nine months of age, and have always wanted to see around the next corner ever since. Luckily I have a good sense of direction!

  3. The photos are fabulous, especially that llama. And Fred? Well, Fred is just Fred, isnt he? I love that little dog. He seems so perfect himself, no matter what setting he’s in.

    And I suppose that’s what we’re all hoping for — to be able to be ourselves, whatever our setting. I don’t think you’ll have any problem with that at all, except,perhaps, for a minor adjustment here or there. Travel, change, learning to adapt — it’s a wonderful part of life. It will be fun to see how things go for you, and where you go!

    • Thanks Linda, I did have fun selecting those images. 🙂 I needed those years of living apart to find out firstly who I wasn’t, and I still seem to be finding out who I am. One thing I did realise, long ago, was that I needed challenge and adventure in my life – but in managable bites preferably! Many is the time I’ve wished I could be satisfied with ordinariness…… but it doesn’t appear to be in my deck of cards. 🙂

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