Mr. Merriwether’s morning melodies

Mr. Merriwether is becoming quite a character, and most certainly doesn’t consider he’s one of those woolly things out in the neighbour’s paddocks. He’s quite right too!
He does get very frisky and loves to show off at times, such as when we took an early morning walk earlier this month, and galloped about in great excess – perhaps he’s in training for a special event……










2 thoughts on “Mr. Merriwether’s morning melodies

  1. I really enjoyed the pics of Mr. Merriweather, but I confess my favorite photo is the landscape in the upper left. It’s gorgeous — makes me want to be RIGHT THERE, to go for a walk myself.

  2. The paddocks around here are doing quite well this summer despite lower than usual winter rains – many other properties are already dust. After an intial hot burst though, temps have been down and summer rain has fallen – too late for most but at least it refills rainwater tanks.

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