The Tin Hut

There’s a hut I regularly drive past – but yikes!  It’s disappearing beneath the Canola crop!  🙂


4 thoughts on “The Tin Hut

  1. Our fields are yellow with goldenrod and broomweed now. When the light is just right, they seem to shimmer. The first time I saw canola was in a photo from Alberta, Canada. We don’t have any of it here. I suppose something about the conditions isn’t right. Maybe not cold enough? In any event, this is lovely. Buildings and fields do go so nicely together.

    • Canola makes for a lovely landscape, but as a crop, it’s not very good environmental news, for all sorts of reasons. I once grew goldenrod, just for its lovely yellow spires. Yellow is one of my favourite colours of course 🙂

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