Forces of Evil

Bealtaine Cottage ~ 14 years of Goddess Permaculture in the West of Ireland 002

There is so much happening in the world at present that many of you are struggling to keep abreast of all the doom and gloom, with the war machine ramping up into full steam ahead and governments failing to really listen to the will of the people. 001

Of course it is as much about money, power and control, as all the previous slaughter on this struggling little planet. Make no mistake, there are forces of evil at work…and they are ALL man made…there is NOTHING supernatural about them! 003

The bigger picture is, as it always was, about life on this small, perfectly designed  and formed Sacred Earth. 006

This is what is important…the sacredness of Mother Earth.

How much longer can the Great Mother tolerate the slash and burn tactics used by the criminal elite? 007

When governments and government funded (through tax breaks) corporations, are not slashing and burning the Earth…

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2 thoughts on “Forces of Evil

  1. It does rather seem like we all have our evils to deal with just now. Having worked in Liberia, and having some knowledge of best public health practices, I’m nearly unstrung over the mishandling of Ebola by our government. Still there’s little I can do, except make my opinion known to my representatives and certain others — which I have.

    In the meantime, we ought to be sharing a glorious moon tonight! We’re in line for a total eclipse early in the morning. I’m setting my alarm. I probably won’t try for a photo, because the really good photogs will be doing plenty of that. But I’ll look, and enjoy, and remember the words of the old hymn from childhood: “though the wrong seem oft so strong, God is the ruler yet…”

    • Yes Linda, I thought of you and the situation in Liberia, and figured you’d have feelings on it.
      The moonrise here is 7.45pm, quite civilised time – how much I get to do depends on the degree of cloud about. Did you know, that we see the moon differently, being on different hemispheres? The ‘man in the moon’ could be smiling or sad, depending on which way we see it.

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