High jinks in the garden

It’s Spring, time for blossom, bees, and a little frivolity 🙂


4 thoughts on “High jinks in the garden

  1. Hi Enivea, Yes, blossom season is a special time of year. It’s as though gardens, orchards and street plantings put on their frilliest pink and white party dresses – and like parties, the blossom season is brief.

    I see Fred and Pixel like to romp. I guess they are pretty evenly matched

  2. Ah, spring! With you having spring, perhaps our fall’s not far behind! Then, we’ll feel much friskier ourselves. It’s still pretty ugly here, heat and humidity-wise. But it’s a delight to see “the kids” romping, and those pretty blooms. I don’t have much of a sense of things — I know you have cold in winter, but is it really cold, or just uncomfortable cold?

    • I live in the driest state in the driest continent, but in the wettest part of it, almost. Winter here isn’t really cold, up north where I used to live, it was much colder, but down here, winter drags on for weeks longer, and so it seems worse. But not cold compared to cold countries, no snow, only slight frosts, so as you say, just oncomfortable cold. The bit that makes it worse, is that houses are in general, NOT designed properly for the climate and that makes a huge difference. My cottage, built over a hundred years ago, is solid and dependable, and gets virtually no direct sunshine into any rooms during the colder months. That makes it cold and unfriendly at times, especially for a sunlover like me.
      This winter, the rainfall has been below average, worrying for farmers who want subsoil moisture, and it’s getting a bit late to expect things to change much now. But the fig trees are beginning to unfurl their leaves, and that’s always a cheering sight for me. 🙂

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