Almost Springtime

It’s almost Springtime Downunder, the grass is growing, the cows are calving, and blossoms are peeking out.
Warm days and clear chilly nights. My plans for the future are taking much of my time so thanks for hanging in, and all will be revealed in good time. πŸ™‚




6 thoughts on “Almost Springtime

  1. I’ve been missing you — good to see your post. It sounds like something is “on the back burner”, as we say. Or maybe on the front burner? I’ll be patient.

    I thought of you the other day. I was looking for a video of a Bach cantata, and found this marvelous video. It has some of the most beautiful sheep I’ve ever seen!

    Are those daffodils, or narcissus? I can’t ever tell them apart — don’t see them often enough.

  2. Hi Enivea, It looks like Fred is getting some pointers on how to work cattle from the other dog. Merriwether looks pretty relaxed with the cattle safely in the background.

    The blooms of the early jonquils are disappearing fast with the run of sunny, warm days we are having at present. After a chilling July and a series of frosts in August, the blue skies and mild air are most welcome.

    I hope your plans for the future are progressing well and fill you with optimism.

    • Actually Margaret, that ‘dog’ Fred was peering at, was a newly born calf πŸ™‚ carefully hidden in the foliage by its mother. Merriwether is very relaxed with cattle, in fact he’d rather hang out with cattle than other sheep – I’m sure he doesn’t consider himself one of THEM!
      There’s been a wonderful week of warmth here, about to disappear again….
      Yes, my plans are now filling me with optimism, with a deepening foundation each week. Big times ahead though with plenty of challenges.

  3. Of course we up north are heading in the other direction. The sun has begun to set earlier and earlier and the weather is starting to get cold. I wouldn’t miss the arrival of Spring for anything, such a shame we have to go through winter to get there.

    • Ah, it’s the peaks and troughs of Life, isn’t it πŸ™‚ I’m hoping I’ll be able soon to send enough Spring/Summer to help you pretend you’re here Downunder.

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