Stormy times

I have returned from my adventures, just in time to experience storms in my local area – storms that are travelling across most of South East Australia.   It seems somewhat reflective of my state of mind…..

I had a great time overall, took many pictures, did lots of exploring, all of which will be revealed later.  So far, I’ve not downloaded the images….

It’s not easy settling into life at sea level again.  Hmm….  not sure at this stage which is the best solution to that……

My four-legged family seem pleased to have me back again, although Fred may miss the extra attention he got on his other holiday.  It’s certainly  the weather to have a cat curled up on one’s lap 🙂  and they are loving the warm hearth at night 🙂


4 thoughts on “Stormy times

  1. Welcome home! I’m anxious to hear about your travels. We have rain today, too, although no storms, and I can get some things caught up here at home. I need the work time, but at least when “real” rain comes, there’s no ambiguity. I can’t work — period.

    They say there may be lightning and thunder this afternoon. That would be good, too. We missed out on thunderstorms during the spring, and I always enjoy them, as long as they don’t become severe.

    • Thanks Linda. The seas here are huge – 8 metre swells and local beaches have disappeared. While I’m not usually in favour of thunder and lightning, they really do clear the air so I hope you get some enjoyment along the way.

  2. The Castlemaine Botanical Gardens did not escape the damaging winds last Monday evening/Tuesday.

    Some of the old weeping willows on the shores of the lake were the worst for wear. The saddest sight was a large pin oak which had been uprooted.

    Stormy, windy weather can make the spirit restless.

    I look forward to reading your adventures tomorrow night.

    • That’s such a shame about the damage to the trees Margaret. I’m sure the birds and other creatures would mourn it also. The mallee trees on this property lost a few branches also, although so far I’ve not seen any blown over.

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